Why SupportAbility supports tablets but not mobile phones

SupportAbility currently supports Staff using tablet devices but not mobile phones. SupportAbility officially supports iPads, Android and Windows tablets. More information regarding this can be found in the Which tablets does SupportAbility support ?article linked below. 

Staff need devices that are able to access the Client Management System (CMS) out in the field. Secondly, that device needs to be able to manage much more complex data than just checking in and out of rostered shifts. Those Staff need to be able to access Client information, Documents and Warnings. They need to be able to access Goal information, record evidence, measure progress and create assessments.  Staff need to be able to reference and use the NDIS Practice Standards as they perform these tasks.  Finally, Staff may need to register the Client's acceptance of service delivery.

Whilst the screen size on a mobile phone may be adequate for checking in and out of a rostered shift, it is not adequate to meet the needs of a modern support worker under the NDIS and the kind of information they are required to access, record and manage. It is for this reason that SupportAbility only supports the use of tablet devices rather than mobile phones.

We certainly appreciate that this raises some fundamental questions for organisations around managing remote hardware such as tablets and whether those devices should be owned and managed internally or become a requirement of employment, much like a car. There are positives and negatives to both approaches and we recommend discussing these issues with a specialist consultant as part of your overall strategy.

We are looking into what is possible in regards to mobile technology. Please keep an eye on the SupportAbility Roadmap article linked below to keep up-to-date to any changes to our upcoming development roadmap. 

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