Activity Schedule Report

The Activity Schedule Report allows users to generate an activity focused report for either Clients, Staff or Service.

Uses of the Activity Schedule Report

There are multiple uses for the Activity Schedule Report, some of these are;

  • Exporting a Staff Schedule
  • Highlighting Activities that require staff members 'To be Filled'
  • Exporting a Client Schedule
  • Exporting a schedule per service
  • Reporting on Activities by the 'Signed off Status'
  • Reporting of Client Absenteeism 
  • Reporting on Client 'No Charge'
  • Highlighting any variation between Activity Hours and Activity Total NDIS Allocated Hrs
  • Generating a list of Activities that require Sign Off

How to generate an Activity Schedule Report

To locate and generate the Activity Schedule Report select 'Reports' from the Dashboard menu:

On the  left-hand   panel,  there will be an option for 'Activity Reports', select the 'Activity Schedule Report'

Choose the report criteria by selecting one of the following options:

For a detailed breakdown of each report select any of the links below:

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