Requesting changes to Services, Sites and NDIS Funding

SitesServices and Funding Types are core foundational elements in SupportAbility, the configuration of which can affect the way the entire system operates and reports.  

These changes have been made in order to minimise problems caused by providers creating, editing or removing important system foundation settings associated with Services, Sites and the NDIS Funding type.

Staff are no longer able to add or delete Services and Sites within System Preferences. Instead, our Customer Success team will assist your organisation to create and/or delete Sites and Services as required. Staff with the ‘Edit System Preference’ privilege will continue to have the ability to activate or deactivate existing Services and Sites, as well as edit any of the corresponding settings.

As all providers transition to NDIS, SupportAbility includes NDIS as a Funding Type in all installations as part of the default configuration of each installation. This update will restrict providers from changing settings on the NDIS Funding Type which could potentially break the inbuilt NDIS functionality. As a result, any current funding types with ‘NDIS’ set as the valuation method will be locked as part of this upgrade.

If your organisation wishes to add or remove any Services and/or Sites following this update, or has any queries regarding NDIS Funding types, please send your request to our Customer Success team at

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