NDIS reconciliation, reports and expenditure

Audience: ALL

Once Invoice Batches and NDIS Bulk Payment Requests have been generated, this information appears as a quick link in the related Activity records and Client Funding tab. 

The 'used' total against each of the NDIS Support categories and/or NDIS support items will increase, as this tallies once Activities have been signed off and can be seen in the Utilisation tab of the Client Funding record  

Each generated NDIS bulk payment request and invoice batch remains available to view in the reports menu, and these batches are useful for reconciling against the remittance advice received from the NDIA. When paid by the NDIA, the corresponding NDIS bulk payment request contains the invoices which can be marked as paid in your organisation's finance system.

NDIS statements are available for review, print and/or export from the client record, summarising the support items that have been Signed Off in Activities or External Invoices. There are overarching reports available from the Reports menu for users with adequate privileges, to review the NDIS Service Breakdown and Available Funding as required.

Another handy feature to extract required data are the exports that can be generated from the client search list results. In particular the  NDIS NGO Data Collection export and the DHHS NDIS Data Collection export.  

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