Integration with the Victorian DHHS Client Incident Management System (CIMS)

DHHS in Victoria are in the process of building a new system to manage client incident reporting in a centralised manner. This new Client Incident Management System is commonly referred to as CIMS. DHHS have plans to allow external systems such as SupportAbility to communicate and transfer client incident data directly into CIMS.

These links provide some additional detail on the proposed CIMS system:

The CIMS system is still in early beta testing phases.  The initial scheduled launch date on July 1st, 2017 which was delayed until October 1st, 2017, and then  delayed again until January 15th, 2018

Members of the SupportAbility engineering team have attended DHHS hosted information sessions on the new CIMS system.

SupportAbility understands the value that integration with CIMS would provide to its Victorian subscriber base, but our experience has taught us that such Government projects take a minimum of 6 months before the majority of issues are ironed out.  For this reason, SupportAbility will be waiting a minimum of 12 month from the CIMS launch date and reviewing its stability and structure before it decides if it will providing an with CIMS for its Victorian subscribers.

It is also important to note that integrating directly with Government systems such as CIMS generally requires vendors such as SupportAbility to undergo certification. The certification process involves very thorough security audits of our staff, systems, policies and procedures. Our experience with these processes varies greatly across different departments with certification being processed within a given month whilst others have taken up to 18 months. DHHS have yet to release details on the certification process they intend to employ for vendors planning to integrate with CIMS.

As DHHS release more details, we will upgrade this page to reflect the current status of the CIMS project and our plans for integration. However, at this stage, we will be reviewing the status of the CIMS project in mid 2019 to decide if we will be developing an integration with it.

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