Transport NDIS Support Item

The Transport NDIS Support Item has been configured differently due to the conditions of this in the NDIS Support Catalogue. This article is for any Staff needing to configure the default price of this Support or who set up Client Funding records in preparation for NDIS Support Allocations. Information regarding the conditions of this Support has been outlined in this article, how to configure the default price, configuring this Support in the Client's Funding and how this appears in NDIS Support Allocations. 

IMPORTANT - Additional changes have been made to this and other related Supports with the upgrade to SupportAbility v7.1. Please see the Participant Transport and Provider Travel article linked below for reference. 

Audience: Finance Team, Team Leaders and anyone tasked with creating or updating NDIS Direct Client Funding records


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Conditions of this Support Item

The 'Transport' NDIS Support Item has the Unit of Measure (UOM) 'Year', as well as  no Price Control (Limit), and a quote is not required for this Support as per the 2019/20 NDIS Support Catalogue

The 'Year' UOM for this Support makes sense to determine the participant's budget, however, for the purpose of including as part of the Services delivered, this UOM poses quite a challenge. For this reason, this Support appears with a UOM of 'Unit' when added to the Client's Funding record and/or allocated in Activities. N.B. This will appear as 'Kms' in External Invoice Items for providers of Plan Management. 

Given that there is no Price Control, and a quote is not required for this Support, not only has this Support been set to being 'quotable' SupportAbility in order for the price to be customised in the NDIS Support Allocations window by Staff with the relevant privileges, it has also been configured in SupportAbility with the default price of 78 cents. Providers can customise this default price however to a value of their choice in System Preferences. 

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Customising the default price for 'Transport' (02_051_0108_1_1) for your organisation

Navigate to the 'NDIS' section in the Funding tab in System Preferences: 

Select 'Change' and customise the price which will become the default 'Price Limit' for this Support. 

Once saved, this price will be applied to all NDIS Support Allocations of Transport (02_051_0108_1_1) in Activities which:

  • are not Signed Off,
  • do not have a completed Client Support Log, and
  • do not have a Custom Price or Fixed Price Allocation configured in the Client’s NDIS Direct Funding record.

N.B. When the default price for this Support is changed, if any Client Funding records had a calculated Budget based on the original price of this Support, .78c e.g: 

The Price Limit will reflect the updated price and the Budget will be converted to a Total Value Budget, rather than a calculated Budget: 

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Can this be configured to anything other than a per km price?

Yes absolutely. Some providers choose to charge for this Support at a 'per trip' price e.g. $5. 

Therefore, if this is the case, the default price can be customised to this: 

Configuring the Transport Support in Client Funding records

There are two options available to add the Transport Support to the Client's Funding. 

Either a Flexible Budget for Category 2 is required: 

Or, the specific Transport Support Item must be added: 

The Price Limit of this Support will reflect either .78c, or the Price which has been customised in System Preferences as outlined above e.g. $1.00. 

Given this Support has been set to being 'Quotable' in SupportAbility in order for it to be available to use, Staff with the 'View Financial Information' privilege will be able to customise this Item in the NDIS Support Allocations window (please see below). 

If the price for this Support should not be customisable from the default Price Limit, then this Support may be configured as a 'Fixed Price Allocation' in the Client's Funding. Either when setting up this Support: 

Or if it has already been added, by selecting 'Activate Fixed Price Allocation' from the contextual menu: 

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NDIS Support Allocations

When this Support is allocated in the Client's Activities, it will display as follows: 

N.B. This may still be customised from the default Price Limit as required by Staff with the 'View Financial Information' privilege. 

Whereas when has been configured with the 'Fixed Price Allocation' setting in the Client's Funding (as above), the price of this Support can no longer be customised: 

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