2017/18 NDIS Price Guide Transition feature


Historically, in previous NDIS Price Guide releases, Providers have been allowed to claim at the new price maximums from the start date of the new Price Guide, regardless of the prices itemised in existing service agreements. It is for this reason that SupportAbility has been designed to automatically use the new rates whenever a new Price Guide becomes available.

With the 2017/18 NDIS Price Guide release, the NDIA have changed the rules in correlation to pricing, stating that pricing must align with current Service Agreements. 

Some Providers may have Service Agreements in place containing clauses stating that any prices listed in the service agreement are subject to review/change upon the release of a new price guide. The NDS have confirmed confirmed that the NDIA will respect such clauses and allow these Providers to charge at the new prices from July 2017. In addition to this the NDS announced that the MyPlace Provider Portal will accept payment requests for supports at 2017/18 price guide price limits against service bookings entered with the older 2016-17 price guide price limits. We have worked with providers to test this, and can confirm that payments requests made at the new limits will be accepted by the portal, even if the service bookings are at the original pricing.

However from a contractual perspective, providers must continue to use the original 2016/17 price limits if all of the following are true:

  1. The provider has a service agreement in place with the client that itemises specific support items that specifically reference the original 2016/17 pricing in the document
  2. The service agreement does not contain any clauses stating that they can or will increase the price of supports when a new price guide is released by the NDIA

By default, SupportAbility will configure all client funding records to utilise the new 2017/18 price guide price limits for activities that start on or after July 1st, 2017.  However we have also developed a solution to keep using the older 2016/17 price limits for providers that have inflexible service agreements with clients as detailed above.


We have developed a solution to ensure that Providers can continue to use the 2016/17 NDIS Price Guide limits in SupportAbility for clients where they have inflexible Service Agreements in place referencing support items at the 2016/17 rates and no clauses in those service agreements to allow them to utilise new price limits released by the NDIA. 

The mechanism to register this has been included at the client funding level in the client's NDIS funding record. This informs SupportAbility of which client's need to use the 2017/18 Price Guide, and which need to remain using the 2016/17 Price Guide. 

Any client NDIS funding plan valid within the period of the 2016/17 NDIS Price Guide will be set to use the 2017/18 NDIS Price Guide  As soon as possible by default. However, we've designed this for Providers to have the facility to choose if, and when, the latest 2017/18 NDIS Price Guide is to be used (if at all) on a client-by-client basis, registered in the client's NDIS Funding Plan. 

Setting the latest Price Guide to be used at the client funding level will:

  • ensure that any activities from after the 1st of July 2017 with NDIS support item allocations for these clients that have not been signed off yet, and 
  • any future activities with NDIS support item allocations, utilise the latest price guide. 

What it won't do is adjust anything on the client's NDIS funding record, nor is this needed. The information in the funding record will remain as per the date the information was entered or last updated.  

Once specified that the latest 2017/18 NDIS Price Guide is required to be used at the client funding level, this will be applied to any activities for the client that have not yet been signed off. They can then be signed off and invoiced following this. 

Addition of the 'NDIS Price Guide Transition' feature to the NDIS Client Funding Plan

This feature allows providers to select the Price Guide to be used based on the Service Agreement in place for the client. Using this feature, Providers can specify when, if at all, the latest Price Guide is to be used for client activities. This has been added to address the new clause to this effect added by the NDIA in the 2017/18 NDIS Price Guide. 

The new  NDIS Price Guide Transition section has been added to all Client NDIS Funding Plans (records) created at the point of the 2016/17 NDIS Price Guide being valid, in cases where the funding commenced in the period covered by the 2016/17 Price Guide (To Date) and extends past the 1st of July 2017 (From Date) e.g. 

If the Client's NDIS Funding Plan validity period (From/To Dates) falls into this category, the Price Guide Transition section will be displayed under the Funding Financials section of the Funding Plan e.g:


The setting selected here is specific to this client’s funding, and only affects the Price Guide being referenced when allocating NDIS Support Items in activities that flows through to invoicing and the payment request. 

The default setting is As soon as available

As soon as available 

The latest Price Guide (2017/18) limits will be used for all supports allocated in activities where the start date of that activity is on or after July 1st, 2017 and the activity has not yet been signed off.

From Date 

Selecting a specific date will inform SupportAbility when to use the latest Price Guide from, and it will begin to use this for the supports allocated in activities from the selected date that have not yet been signed off.


When selected, the Price Guide valid at the ‘From Date’ for the client's funding plan will continue to be used.

The only exception to these rules are where the From Date or As soon as available are selected, is for any activities that have been signed off that fall in the period the Price Guide was being integrated into SupportAbility. These are obviously locked at the original Price Guide rates once signed off. 

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