What happens if we pay for development work, do all SupportAbility clients get the changes we're paying for?

The simple answer is yes, they do.

SupportAbility has the benefit of being a very stable product at a cost-effective price whilst also evolving constantly, with new versions released regularly. With most products, you have to choose two of the following attributes: good quality, regular updates, or a good price. So with most products, you can have lots of feature releases, and have great quality but its very expensive, or you can have regular updates and a low cost but it's full of bugs.

SupportAbility's community development model allows you to have all three! We can do this because we know that every SupportAbility user, in every organisation, is always using exactly the same version of SupportAbility on exactly the same server environment. Because we only ever have to manage and support one version of SupportAbility at any one time, we can give you a great quality product with regular updates and lots of new features, at a very low cost.

Creating custom versions and exclusive features for individual clients would also mean that the subscribing organisation would lose the ability to upgrade and would miss out on all the great features that Envision Systems and other contributing SupportAbility subscribers are creating on a regular basis.

Envision Systems has its own roadmap for the SupportAbility product to evolve the product. Whilst historically we have had the offering of development partnership, to make some enhancements happen sooner, or in some cases create custom reports, that have resulted in a change our development roadmap; given that now our Roadmap is booked solidly for the next 12-18 months, this is no longer feasible for us to continue, or to offer. 

The exception to this is when a custom invoice or timesheet export batch is required for finance or payroll systems outside of those already available. In such a case, if the custom export developed is suitable for use generically with the platform, it will be available for use also by all SupportAbility subscribers. 

We do have an additional paid subscription offering that may assist providers, as this allows an organisation to access your data and with the right technical team or support, create custom reports as required - SupportAbility Data Replica

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