NDIS Client Funding - transition considerations

When a Client commences a new NDIS Plan, or their Plan ends abruptly, we have been receiving consistent feedback that providers are experiencing significant delays in finding out about this and subsequently getting Service Agreements updated where required.  

This poses many challenges, in particular ensuring the expenditure associated with the Client's Funding, is linked to the correct NDIS Direct Client Funding record in SupportAbility. 

Individual Services

For Clients who participate in 1:1 services, this may be possible to address in SupportAbility, provided that:
• Invoices generated for these Services have not been imported into your organisation’s Finance system, and

• NDIS Bulk Payment Requests that include the Invoices generated for these Services, have not been uploaded to the myplace provider portal.

When your organisation finds out about a Client's new or updated NDIS Plan, we recommend adding in the new NDIS Direct Client Funding record first, then updating the End Date of the previous Funding record. 

When updating the End Date of the Client Funding record, SupportAbility will allow you to adjust the Funding Period in this manner if it is not attached to any future Activities, or, if it is attached to Activities that fall outside the new End Date, that they are not yet Signed Off. Validation Warnings will appear to alert you to this, for example:

The link provided will direct you to a list of the Activities which the Funding is attached to. If the Funding Period change is confirmed in a case such as this e.g. the End Date was updated; when the Funding is attached to Activities outside of this period, SupportAbility will make every effort to locate a 'new' NDIS Direct Client Funding record for that Client that is valid for the From Date of each Activity, and revalidate the each of the NDIS Support Allocations. 

If the 'new' Funding has already been entered (as recommended), and there is a continuation of Support, SupportAbility will identify this and match it accordingly. This means that when the 'old' Funding is ended, upon confirmation of the date change as per the screen shot above, if a Category 4 Support had been allocated from the 'old' Funding for example, SupportAbility will check if the same Support is valid in the 'new' Funding, and update the Client's NDIS Support Allocations with this if so automatically. 

If the 'new' Funding has not yet been entered, and another NDIS Direct Client Funding record cannot be found, SupportAbility will switch the Funding Source for that Client to Billable, in the Activities outside of the Funding Period which have not yet been Signed Off.

As mentioned, if there are Activities attached which have been Signed Off, the Funding Period cannot be amended unless the Sign Off is removed and the Funding Source amended, which is not possible in all cases. 

Group Services

For Clients who participate in group Services, this is not possible to address in all cases. There may be multiple Clients who have been invoiced and therefore, the Activity Sign Off cannot be removed.

We acknowledge the limitation and issues this is causing and therefore have prioritised addressing this in our upcoming development Roadmap. 

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