Billable (no funding) vs. NDIS funding allocation - no charge

'Billable (no funding)' is the default Funding Source and means that no funding type has been selected. If an organisation has entered Activity costs or has entered a Rate Card for non-NDIS billing (NOT currently recommended), then when 'Billable' is set, an invoice can be generated for these costs to be invoiced to the client. 

When a client's NDIS funding plan is selected as the Funding Source and support items allocated, this is indicating the client is paying for these services using their NDIS funds. Leaving this set, then selecting 'No Charge' means that these supports will not be invoiced, nor accrued in their expenditure reports i.e. NDIS Statement. It more accurately reflects the funding that they're under and reports can be run to monitor this. The activity schedule report allows you to search by a number of criteria, including 'No charge' in the Client Schedule, which is recommended for this purpose. 

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