SupportAbility v6.0 - NDIS Direct Client Funding and NDIS Plan Managed Client Funding

The primary goal of SupportAbility v6.0 (17th of February, 2019), is to improve the usability of the NDIS Client Funding functionality and to provide a better overview of NDIS Client Funding Budgets, Expenditure and Utilisation for both Direct Service providers and providers of (financial) Plan Management Services alike.  

NDIS Client Funding - Direct and Plan Managed

Two types of NDIS Client Funding records have been introduced to more clearly identify the purpose of each: ' Direct' and 'Plan Managed'. 

  • Direct NDIS Client Funding: is designed for NDIS Service Providers. It is used to:
    • validate and manage the supports your organisation has a Service Agreement in place to deliver,
    • determine the NDIS Supports available for Allocation in Activities, and
    • assist providers to manage Budgets & Utilisation more effectively.
  • Plan Managed NDIS Client Funding: is designed for providers who offer NDIS (Financial) Plan Management Services.  It is used to: 
    • validate the Funds your organisation has a Service Booking in place to manage,
    • assist in managing Budgets and Utilisation of these Funds effectively,
    • determine and validate the NDIS Supports available for inclusion in External Invoices, and
    • determine the Plan Management Fees available to be allocated in Activities, for providing these Services.

The separation of these NDIS Funding types will allow providers who offer both of these Services to accurately manage Funding for each not only separately, but more accurately. 


Each part of the Client Funding record has been redesigned to meet its specific purpose and improve the user experience by:

  • Simplifying the interface
    • Splitting the Client Funding records across multiple tabs, each with a clear purpose
    • Grouping of Support Categories and Items by Support Category for a clearer overall view
    • Improving user feedback via three warning levels (red - error, amber - warning, blue - informational)
  • Enhanced change management to reduce the likelihood of configuration errors
    • Introducing a contextual menu to apply changes
    • Greater validation for changes to the record e.g. updating the Funding Period (From and To Dates)
    • Providing clearer information regarding the consequences of change requests before changes are applied
    • Changes will only be saved to the Client Funding record upon confirmation 

Budgets & Utilisation

The concepts of Budgets & Utilisation has been introduced with SupportAbility v6.0: 

  • the purpose of a Budget is to allocate funds for the Supports your organisation has a Service Agreement in place to deliver. 
  • Budgets can be configured at either a Flexible Support Category level, or the specific Support Item level, depending on how your organisation wishes to track Utilisation.

Please review the NDIS Direct Client Funding Utilisation and/or the NDIS Plan Managed Funding Utilisation articles in our Knowledge Base for more information.  

Client Funding Statements

Client Funding Statements have been redesigned to provide clearer information regarding Budgets, Utilisation and Expenditure for all Funding Types: 

  • NDIS Direct Client Funding
  • NDIS Plan Managed Client Funding
  • Non-NDIS Direct Client Funding Types
  • Billable 

Archived records

All Client Funding and Activity records predating July 2016 will be archived i.e. locked and read-only.

This is necessary in order to decommission support for the outdated rules that were applicable during the NDIS trial period e.g. clusters. 

Additionally, archived Client Funding records will no longer contain budget information and simply display a summary of expenditure. 

Is there anything our organisation needs to do?

Direct Client Funding

It is important to note that providers currently using NDIS Client Funding who offer Direct Services only, may need to consider how the Total Budget Value is calculated. Please review the NDIS Client Funding - Total Budget Values article for more information. 

Direct and Plan Managed Client Funding

We recommend watching the Using the Budget Adjustment Tool video in the Client Funding section of the Learning Centre for a comprehensive overview regarding what needs to be updated following this upgrade. 

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