Activity Based Transport NDIS Support Items

The 2019/20 ‘March 1st Update’ NDIS Price Guide was added to SupportAbility in the upgrade to v6.15.3 on Saturday evening the 29th of February, 2020, including nine new line items for activity-based transport.

The March 1st Update Price Guide is in use for Supports allocated to any Services delivered on or after this date, including:

  • NDIS Support Allocations in Activities (provided the Price Guide Transition in the Client's Funding is set to ‘As soon as available’), and
  • External Invoice Items (for providers of Plan Management).

The name & description for each of the new 'Activity Based Transport Supports' is identical. Some Categories contain multiple versions of these new Supports. The only way to differentiate these is by Registration Group.

Whilst Registration Group information is already displayed in the Client Funding record, to assist providers in selecting and identifying the required Activity Based Transport Support, the Registration Group information pertaining to these Supports is displayed in the NDIS Support Allocations window in Activities, as well as in the Bulk Payment Request (BPR).

This article discusses how the Activity Based Transport Supports may be utlised in SupportAbility. 

IMPORTANT - Additional changes have been made to this and other related Supports with the upgrade to SupportAbility v7.1. Please see the Participant Transport and Provider Travel article linked below for reference. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Team Leaders, Finance Team


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Can the default price of these Supports be customised?

There is no ability to configure the default price of the new Activity Based Support Items like there is for the 02_051_0108_1_1 Support Item, however, we are registering providers interest in this new feature in our feedback register. 

If this is something your organisation would like to see in SupportAbility, please have your Authorised Representatives send through a support query regarding this so that we may track how many providers would like to see this feature added. 

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Client Funding record

In order for any of the Activity Based Transport Support Items to be available for use in SupportAbility i.e. added to the Client's NDIS Support Allocations in the Activities they participate in, the Client's NDIS Direct Funding record must either contain a Flexible Budget for the parent Support Category e.g. CAT0004:

Or, if no Flexible Budget for the parent Support Category is available the specific Support, relative to the required Registration Group (e.g. 0136 - Group And Centre Based Activities) will need to be added to the Client's NDIS Direct Funding record e.g. 04_591_0136_5_1: 

N.B. Please note that the Registration Group information is displayed in the 'Add Support Item' window, and can be used for reference if unsure of the correct Support. 

Once the relevant Item has been selected, the Settings can be configured:

The blue information message of 'Quotable support' is appearing as these Activity Based Transport NDIS Support Items have been configured in this way due to the conditions of these Items in the NDIS Support Catalogue to ensure they can be utilised in SupportAbility.

A specific price can be entered if required e.g. 85 cents, or a set trip price e.g. $5 based on the price your organisation wishes to charge for this Support. However, even if no price is entered here, Staff with the relevant privileges ('View Financial Information') and access to the relevant Client in the Activity, may also customise the price of this Support in the NDIS Support Allocation window (example below).

A Budget may not be required for this Support Item, considering the NDIA have advised that this can be drawn from the Client's Core Budget.

However, in order for this to be available in SupportAbility, when no Flexible Budget is available a Budget is required at the Support Item level, even if it is left at $0:

This will allow your organisation to track the utilisation of these specific Support Items in the Client Funding Statement and their Utilisation tab e.g:

If a Flexible Budget is available, the expenditure for these Support Items will be tracked at this level instead. 

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Allocating these Supports

Once these Supports are available in the Client's Funding record as outlined above, they will be available to add in the Client's NDIS Support Allocation window of the Activity:

N.B. To assist providers selecting the correct Support Item the Registration Group information has been included below the reference number for these items.

Staff with the relevant privileges ('View Financial Information'), may also customise the price of this Support as required: 

For example, to 85 cents:
If your organisation does not want Staff Members to need to customise this each time, we recommend configuring the price for these Supports in the Client's Funding record as outlined above.

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