SupportAbility Roadmap Survey | Development Direction Items - February 2021

As part of our community development model, we reached out to Authorised Representatives via Mailchimp email campaign on Friday the 5th of February, 2021 to learn what development direction is most important to your organisation. The results of this survey will help determine the next major development project in the SupportAbility Roadmap.

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Executive Management

Development Direction Items 

We have identified four possible development directions for the SupportAbility Roadmap based on the most common requests from providers. Each of these represents a long-term project, therefore, the February 2021 SupportAbility Roadmap Survey is being used to identify the single most important development direction for providers. 

Once this has been determined, a detailed discovery process will be undertaken, to learn which features associated with the chosen development direction will deliver the most impact and establish which of these development items are scheduled into the upcoming SupportAbility Roadmap.

We expect that these submissions will be analysed and the results published in the SupportAbility Roadmap Knowledge Base article (linked below)by Friday the 5th of March, 2021.

Mobile phone access to SupportAbility

Provide mobile access to a simplified version of SupportAbility via smartphone, allowing staff in the field to perform actions such as:

  • View Roster: access to a list of their upcoming shifts
  • View Client Information: access to the basic details and risks (warnings) for the participants they support. Additional options may include maps, navigation and travel details to assist with community and in-home supports
  • Complete Evidence and Activities: check-in to rostered shifts, add Client Journals, add Goal evidence and Assessments, enter kilometres travelled and complete their Timesheet Sign Off at the end of the shift

Integration with the myplace provider portal

A Digitial Partnership Program (DPP) has been established by the NDIA, creating the possibility for software solutions such as SupportAbility, to integrate and exchange information with the myplace provider portal directly by use of an Application Programming Interface (API). Developing an API integration with the myplace provider portal could potentially allow:

  • Automated submission of BPRs: with the click of a button, and without the need to download and upload CSV files.
  • Retrieval of BPRF data: SupportAbility could automatically check the portal the status of Allocations included in a BPR submission.
  • Upload Documents: a facility to upload Client Documents such as Service Agreements from SupportAbility directly to the portal.
  • Service Booking creation: once an NDIS Direct Client Funding record is created in SupportAbility, a facility could be developed to also create a Service Booking in the portal where required aligned with the configured Support Budgets (applicable for Standard Service Bookings only).
  • Retrieval of Service Booking balances: retrieve and display the current balance of Service Bookings when viewing NDIS Direct Client Funding records in SupportAbility (applicable for Standard Service Bookings only).

Billing enhancements for added efficiency

Provide enhancements to make billing in Activities more efficient. These may include:

  • NDIS as the default Funding Source: update to the default Funding Source in Activities, with the Client’s NDIS Direct Funding (where available) in preparation for NDIS Support Allocations, rather than the current ‘Billable (No Funding)’ default.
  • Duplicate NDIS Support Allocations: provide a facility for Staff to duplicate existing NDIS Support Allocations easily to allow for variations in Claim Type such as ‘Standard Service’, ‘Provider Travel’ or 'Non-Face-to-Face' and encourage best practice of separating chargeable Supports by Claim Type.
  • Time tracking in Client Journals for NDIS Support Allocations: the ability to track time within Client Journals when added from an Activity, useful for tracking Non-Face-to-Face service delivery and Support Coordination. This would include an added facility to import the total time of all added Client Journals into the Quantity field of the relevant NDIS Support Allocation/s as required.
  • Simplify Activity Costs: clean up and streamline the way SupportAbility manages individual and shared Activity Costs to simply these screens for users and make them more efficient to use.

Greater billing flexibility

Provide enhancements to make billing more flexible, to accommodate for the diverse situations which arise when billing for NDIS Supports. These may include:

  • Edit Allocations after Activity Sign Off: allow Staff with the relevant financial privileges to edit Client NDIS Support Allocations in Signed Off Activities, for those that have not been invoiced/claimed, even when other Clients in the same Activity have been.
  • ‘Awaiting Funding’ mode: allow the Funding Source and NDIS Support Allocations for Clients in this mode to be selected after Activities have been delivered and Signed Off once their new NDIS Funding has been created.
  • BPR Rejected Action - Amend: provide the ability to update Rejected BPR Allocations to correct these before attempting to Retry them in a subsequent BPR.
  • Cancel Accepted Allocations: Allow an Accepted Allocation in a BPR to be overwritten and set to Cancelled (to align with manual adjustments made in the myplace provider portal).
  • Invoice Editing: including changing the Debtor and removing Invoice Items.

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