Limitations and workarounds regarding Amendments for NDIS Support Allocations

Greater billing flexibility after Activity Sign Off 

From the upgrade to SupportAbility v7.18 (Nov 2021), Staff Members with Finance Admin privileges (i.e. 'View Financial Information' in combination with either the 'Edit ALL Client Records', or 'Team Leader for ALL Services' privilege), now have the ability to correct billing errors in Signed Off Activities.

NDIS Support Allocations appear in ‘Finance Edit Mode’ 

Finance Edit Mode allows Support Allocations to be edited (e.g. an incorrect Quantity fixed) or deleted (e.g. if the wrong Support Item was selected) up until billing assets (Direct Invoices or BPRs) have been created for these Allocations.

NDIS Support Allocations can be added at any time as required in Finance Edit Mode (e.g. as a replacement for a removed Support) using the 'Add Support Item' search or the new 'Duplicate' feature from the Actions menu (as outlined below).

Any errors discovered after financial processing (e.g. Rejections from the portal or unpaid Invoices from Plan Managers), can now be corrected by first Cancelling the Allocation in the relevant BPR, or Invoice Item in the relevant Direct Invoice, then adding the correct Allocation/s in place of this in the associated Activity.

Please see the How to correct NDIS Support Allocations after Activity Sign Off in Finance Edit Mode (edit, delete and/or add) article for more information.

Individual Activity Costs can be updated 

Individual Activity Costs can also be updated as required, along with the associated 'Cost Funded By' setting in a Signed Off Activity, provided they have not been included in an Invoice already.

Please see the Activity Costs article for more information.


Once any required changes are saved in Finance Edit Mode, these are available for inclusion immediately in BPRs and Direct Invoice Batches.

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