Which tablets does SupportAbility support?

Most of our subscribers use tablets for their in-home and community care support workers and computers/laptops for centre-based supports.

SupportAbility officially supports iPads, Android and Windows tablets.  We recommend the following tablets to ensure compatibility and performance:

  • iOS: Apple iPad (full size, not mini)
  • Android: Samsung, Lenovo 8" or 10" tablets
  • Windows: Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Nokia, Lenovo, or ASUS 10" tablets

Try to avoid cheap and low-performance tablets such as those sold at bargain stores. Stick to the major brands as listed above.  

Remember to choose tablets:

  • that were manufactured in 2015 or later
  • with 3G/4G/LTE capabilities if the tablets are going to need to establish their own internet connection out in the community, rather than connecting through office/house/venue wireless facilities
  • Operating System: iOS 11+ or Android 7+
  • Screen: 8" or more
  • CPU: Min 1.0 GHz Quad-Core or more for Android, A10 Fusion chip or more for iPad
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800 or more
  • RAM: min 2GB, 4GB or more preferred
  • Connectivity: Wifi (802.11a/b/g/n 2.4 + 5 GHz) + 4G/LTE + Bluetooth
  • Location Technology: GPS, Glonass, Beidou
  • Available Storage (not including OS and other apps): 8GB or more so Staff can take and store pictures and movies to be used for Journals and evidence as required

We highly recommend getting 2-3 tablets and running a trial program with them for 3-6 months before purchasing a larger fleet of tablets for the organisation.

Mobile Technology Strategy and Management

Choosing the right devices and developing a strategy for managing a fleet of them is critical to success. We generally recommend  the  The  IT Department to assist providers looking to transition to mobile platforms.  We consistently hear positive feedback from providers that have contracted The IT Department to assist them with their mobile strategy around purchasing and managing a fleet of tablet  devices,  and all of the considerations that go along with it such as policy and procedure.  They are also one of the few IT services providers that have a deep understanding of the disability services sector.  Jason Deller can be contacted for more information at jason.deller@itdepartment.com.au

Web Browser Support

Chrome is our preferred browser option, however other popular and modern browsers will work also including Safari, Mozilla FireFox, and Internet Explorer. 

Regardless of your selected browser, we recommend setting the browser's home page to your installation of SupportAbility.

If using Chrome the following links may assist you:

Shared Username and Password

Please be aware that the first time staff log into SupportAbility from a new device, they must enter the shared  user name  and password. Your System Administrators will have a copy of the Getting Started Sheet which contains the shared username and password for your organisation.

Deleting downloaded files

Unfortunately, the browsers on tablet devices are not sophisticated enough yet for document preview functionality, when a staff member selects a client document to view on the tablet, this will automatically save to the devices downloads. 

It is the responsibility of the provider to  manage and  periodically remove and delete all files downloaded to devices for privacy reasons. This article may assist - http://www.techbout.com/delete-documents-data-iphone-11719/

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