SupportAbility Client Portal

Expected Release - On hold

We regret to announce that the SupportAbility Client Portal project has been put on hold whilst we address the most critical issues raised by our subscriber base. 

Please review the On hold section in the SupportAbility Roadmap article for more information regarding this. 


The client portal includes the following key features:


  • Clients with an active client portal account (as configured by their provider) will be able to update their Account settings, including their Username and Password

Personal Details:

If the Personal Details module is activated, clients will be able to update their personal details under the 'My Details' section in Settings. This includes: 

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Email
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile
  • Street Address
  • Postal Address

Please note: activating this module for your organisation and/or individual clients will allow the client to update any of the above-mentioned details. Specific items in this list cannot be restricted. 


If this module is activated, clients will be able to see an Activities section in their Client Portal Account. This includes: 

  • Upcoming: clients will be able to view a list of their upcoming activities
    • The upcoming activities list defaults to upcoming activities for the next three months, however, a filter is also available to select from to display upcoming activities for the current month, current week or following week
  • Sign Off: clients will be able to 'sign off' activities they participated in using NDIS funding. The activities available for sign off are those that have had the Activity Sign Off completed by the provider. 
    • The purpose of this sign off is to confirm receipt of each instance of support as claimed from their NDIS support plan
  • Previous: clients will be able to view a list of their historical activities
    • The previous activities list defaults to previous activities in the past three months, however, a filter is also available to select from to display previous activities for the current month, current week or previous week


If this module is activated, clients will be able to see a Messages section in their Client Portal Account. Staff will also be able to see a 'Client Conversations' module on the Dashboard in your organisation's SupportAbility installation, and a 'My Conversations' section at the bottom of the client's Journals tab. The messaging functionality includes: 

  • The ability for Clients to send messages to provider staff, and/or your organisations nominated 'Administrator'
  • The new 'Client Conversations' module displayed on a staff members Dashboard
  • Staff will be able to send messages to Clients via the 'My Conversations' section at the bottom of the client's Journals tab in SupportAbility
    • Messages sent are accessible by the Client in the 'Messages section of their Client Portal Account
    • Clients will also receive an email when they receive a new message or reply to their registered email address
  • Each conversation has a Status of either 'Active', 'Pending' or 'Closed'
    • This Status can be updated by the owner (or assignee) of a conversation 
  • Ability to create 'draft' messages
    • Draft messages are highlighted in green within a conversation and on the dashboard
  • Ability to attach a 'note' to a message
    • Notes are highlighted in yellow within a conversation and on the dashboard 
    • Notes are visible to provider staff only. The client does not see notes in relation to the conversation in their client portal account
    • Notes serve many different purposes and are a useful feature to add follow-up information when assigning a conversation to a different owner for example

Please note: the above-mentioned functionality will only be available for clients once this has been activated for your organisation and client portal accounts are subsequently created. Once activated, each of the modules outlined here can be turned on/off on a client-by-client basis as required. Please review the 'Modularity' section below for more information. 

Future Release Features

As with all SupportAbility modules, we will continue to evolve the client portal over time. The features added to future releases will be based on the feedback and requests that we receive from our subscriber base.


It is important to note that organisations will be able to:

  • activate or inactivate the client portal
  • activate or inactivate any of client portal modules for all clients
  • activate or inactivate any of the active client portal modules on a client-by-client basis

The Client Portal is inactive by default. More information will be provided soon regarding Activating the Client Portal.


It is of critical importance that the portal is accessible by those who wish to use it.  For that reason, we have enlisted Vision Australia who are world leaders in the field of web accessibility to assist us in achieving Level A accessibility for the client portal project as per the  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.  In addition to this, we have also hired an internal usability and accessibility expert to assist us in this process.

How will clients access the portal?

Client will be able to access the client portal via a web browser on their computer, tablet or smartphone.  The website address for your client portal will be determined by the website address for your supportability installation.  For example, if your supportability installation resided at then your client portal will be accessible at

What does the SupportAbility Client Portal look like?

Here are some screen grabs to show you how the portal looks.  Please note that the SupportAbility client portal is still under development and is undergoing regular accessibility audits and such, the pictures provided may differ from the final product delivered.


Update Details

Update Address

Activity List

Activity Detail

Message List

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