Managing Enquiries in SupportAbility

SupportAbility can be used to manage your interactions with clients from their first point of contact. 

To start, a client record must be created with a minimum of First name, Surname and Date of Birth being entered to create a unique record. 

You will notice that this record is still 'Incomplete' as further information is required, however it can be saved with a minimum of the data entry points listed above. 

On the right-hand side of the client details, any services the client participates in need to be entered here. When a client is enquiring about a specific service, the service they are enquiring about can be added and flagged with the status of 'enquiry' as outlined below. 

Setting up Enquiry as a Status

To update any of the lists in SupportAbility, you will need the 'Edit System Preferences' Staff Account Privilege. 

Navigate to System Preferences > Lists and select 'Client: Service Participation Status'

The status list can be edited here. To add a new status select the '+' icon, then enter the required text e.g. Enquiry and select save: 

Adding Enquiry to Client Service Participation

Once this list has been updated with the various status' as required, a new client record can be created and their Client Service Participation updated as outlined above. 

Add the Site and Service the client is enquiring about with the status of enquiry: 

Searching for clients in Enquiry status

Client searches can be conducted to identify all the clients currently in this status across the organisation or as required for reporting purposes:

Updating the client service participation status

Once a client has progressed or exited from enquiry status, this needs to be updated in their client service participation. 

We recommending adding an end date to indicate when the enquiry was completed, then adding a new entry to indicate when the client is actively participating in the service they were enquiring about. 

This is beneficial as reports can be generated regarding the length of time taken to progress from enquiry to active or exited if the enquiry did not progress and it clearly reflects the service lifecycle your client has with your organisation. 

In this example, the client's enquiry regarding the Respite service at Burbank was actioned within a few days. As it has an end date entered, this now falls under the historical client services archive: 

An additional entry has been added to indicate the client's active service participation in the Respite service at the Burbank Site, along with the client's key support worker Albert being specified: 

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