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Mobile App

Includes articles about the SupportAbility Mobile App

6 articles

SupportAbility Essentials

Includes essential information regarding security, system foundations and support

34 articles

Learning Centre Videos

Includes information related to SupportAbility's in-built Learning Centre

2 articles


Includes comprehensive guides to assist providers implementing SupportAbility

19 articles


Configuring System Preferences and other areas of SupportAbility

36 articles

Staff Management

Reviews Staff Accounts, privileges, managing shifts and related reports

38 articles

Client Management

Reviews access to & information about Client records, including searches and reports

45 articles


Reviews Contact records, creating an NDIS FPM, utilising a Contact register & search

6 articles


Reviews uploading Documents, locking Documents by Service and the Document Search

8 articles


Includes information regarding Activities, NDIS Support Allocations and Staff shifts

33 articles


Includes information on finance configuration, generating Invoices and integration

34 articles


Includes information related to NDIS Funding, BPRs, compliance and Price Guides

73 articles

Plan Management

Information for providers who deliver Plan Management Services using SupportAbility

15 articles

Non-NDIS Client Funding

Provides information about the available Non-NDIS Client Funding functionality

11 articles

Time Sheets and Payroll

Includes information about payroll configuration and generating Time Sheet Batches

11 articles


Provides guidance regarding the various reports available in SupportAbility

26 articles

Client Support Log

Reviews specifics of configuring and using the Client Support Log feature

6 articles

Troubleshooting & support

Provides articles to help troubleshoot issues & important system-related information

29 articles


Provides information about backups and additional subscription options

5 articles

Sales and Evaluating SupportAbility

Provides FAQ-style articles to answer common questions when evaluating SupportAbility

39 articles