SupportAbility Training Installations

It is often useful for your staff to have access to a training installation of SupportAbility where they have learn how to use the system and experiment with various configuration options and strategies before applying them to your live installation.  It's even more useful if the training system that they are learning on contains your organisation's data, rather than our demonstration data which may not be relevant to your organisation.

To meet these needs, we often provision a SupportAbility training installation.  A training installation is a identical copy of your live SupportAbility installation.  Each night, we replace your training installation and all its data with a copy of your live SupportAbility system.  This means that any changes made within the training environment are overwritten each night to start fresh again each day and the data in the training site will never be more than 24 hours older than your live site. 

We also change the background colour of your background SupportAbility installation so that it is very easy to distinguish from your live one to avoid confusion and making mistakes.

Pricing available upon request.

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