So SupportAbility is a cloud based application. What does that mean?

Traditionally, when your business purchased new software that needed to be accessed by your staff, you hosted it in-house. That meant you had to purchase servers (and they're not cheap!), build them, connect them to your network, adjust your firewalls, manage them, maintain them, upgrade them and then every few years replace them and start the process all over again! This meant having IT expertise on hand and budgeting for the fact your application cost was quickly being surpassed by the IT expertise required to manage it. Technology was never your core business strength, so the setup was often fraught with issues and getting timely support always a challenge. On top of that, internet outages meant that no-one could access your data. Arrgghh!

Cloud computing was designed to solve these issues. We purchase, manage and maintain the servers because it's what we do best. There's nothing for you or your staff to install, maintain, or upgrade, ever! We host the application so you can focus on using it and accessing your data within it. Our government-grade infrastructure is more reliable, more secure and more accessible than any in-house setup could ever offer. Furthermore, the total cost of ownership is dramatically reduced as you no longer need IT staff to manage an in-house setup.

Access to your data is critical for your business and outages can cause the business to grind to a halt. Our 'High Availability' infrastructure means that your data is hosted on several servers so that in the event of any hardware failures, the remaining servers pick up the slack and there's no loss of service. Having your data in the cloud means that you can access your information from anywhere (depending on your security privileges). You can even access your data from tablets in the field. If your office internet connection drops out, you can even use your smartphone to pair internet access to the relevant device so Staff may access the required information in an emergency. Time-critical information can be accessed any time anywhere.

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