Can we import data from our existing system into SupportAbility?

It is important to note that SupportAbility does not provide a service to automatically import data from your existing system.

There are a number of reasons we choose not to offer this service:

  1. The idea of data importation is always better than the reality
    The fact is that different systems are structured very differently.  Trying to move data from one system to another is often like trying to take an engine from a Holden Commodore and place it in a Ferrari, or force a square peg into a round hole.  SupportAbility has an incredibly sophisticated data structure designed specifically to manage disability client data in the cloud.  Other systems have differing structures to meet their own purposes.  Trying to force one into another generally results in a lower quality implementation.  Our job here at SupportAbility is to ensure that your implementation is a resounding success and that you are using best practices right from the start.  The simple fact is we cannot do this with old data built for another system.
  2. Lack of data point coverage
    Experience has taught us that the data points shared between SupportAbility and other third party systems only accounts for around 3-5% of the total data points that can be entered into SupportAbility.  So the reality is, there is no huge gains in data entry efficiency anyway.
  3. The data usually needs cleaning up
    Rather than migrating all of your existing data issue across to SupportAbility, it is important to start fresh and take the opportunity to clean your data.
  4. Data migrations are always custom and therefore expensive
    Because every provider migrates from different systems, or they are using different modules, or they use the systems in different ways, no two data migrations are ever the same.  This means that our engineering team would need to build a custom importation script specifically to meet your organisations specific needs and requirements which is a very expensive exercise for something you are only going to use once.  Furthermore, as per point #2, you're only importing 3-5% of the data required, so the cost-benefit ratio does not favour importing data.

So that's why we don't choose to import data, but we roll out SupportAbility successfully to clients all the time.  How do new providers get their data into the system when starting out using SupportAbility?  Review our documentation on  Data Entry Approaches for more details

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