How to Add Clients to an existing Activity

Once an Activity has been created, it is possible to add clients using our quick add function. There are videos in the Learning Centre under the 'Activities' tab to assist further with creating and managing activities. 

For guidance around who can ADD or Remove Clients, read  Privileges required to be able to Add OR Remove Clients to an Activity

When opening the previously created Activity, SupportAbility will navigate to the first tab ' Activity Details';

The Clients section of the Activity will be located half way down this page. This section will include any clients that had been added when initially creating the Activity through the quick add Activity Wizard.

To ADD Clients that are linked to this Service, simply click the icon to 'Show Service Clients Not Participating'. This will display in alphabetical order by surname ALL Participants linked to this Service.

Once the list has displayed, simply select the Participant check box next the the participating client;

Once selected, a tick will appear indicating the addition of this client to the Activity.

Multiple clients may be added in this way. Once completed, to condense this list, click on the button to ' Hide Service Clients Not Participating'. Selecting this will allow you to view the participating clients.

To ADD Clients from OUTSIDE of this Service i.e. clients who do not have the site and service the activity is linked to listed in their Client Service Participation details in their Client Details record, select the magnifying glass next to the text 'Add a client';

A text box will open for you to search for the client to add to the activity. This is a dynamic field like the global quick search feature, therefore begin typing the client details and the search results will appear:

To remove a client from the activity, simply deselect the Participant checkbox. 

To re-add them again in the case of an error, follow the steps outlined above. 

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