Can SupportAbility be customised for our organisation?

Only one version of SupportAbility is available for all of our subscribers, which means we do not create customised versions and exclusive features for individual Clients. To explain further records, tabs and specific fields cannot be hidden, removed or edited in SupportAbility. 

Therefore, communication to each Staff member regarding what information is required to be captured and entered into SupportAbility, relative to each of the Services they work in, is entirely up to providers, to audit and manage. 

Personal Information Form

The Personal Information Form and The Personal Information Form (blank/signed) are a summary of the first three tabs of information in the client record: Client Details, Status and [Client] Contacts. 

These forms will most likely not capture all of the information required at intake, and in the various phases of a Client's service lifecycle with a provider. For this reason, these forms cannot be edited. Providers will need to have supplementary documentation to combine with, or in lieu of these forms, to capture specific information relevant to the organisation and the support being provided. 

Additionally some of the fields in these forms may relate to sensitive information which is not appropriate or required to be captured for some of the Services which your organisation delivers.  Therefore when sending Clients the blank Personal Information Form, supplementary information may need to be provided advising them this is a generic form and specifying the particular fields of information which are required.

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