Will my data be safe?

SupportAbility have implemented government grade security safeguards and backup procedures to protect your data at all times. We work closely with highly regulated industries such as the health care industry where private records are required to be kept on file indefinitely.

We understand that access to your client data is critical for your organisation and that without it, business effectively grinds to a halt. In order to ensure excellent performance and a highly reliable service for our clients, the SupportAbility data centre maintains multiple Tier-1 internet connections with failover procedures.

At all times your data is stored on the five servers in our high availability cluster. This level of redundancy means zero loss of service in the event of a hardware failure.

Your SupportAbility installation and its data is backed up each night via a secure data transfer to our backup servers where you can always access your data in the event of an emergency.

All SupportAbility installations and data are hosted in Sydney, Australia.

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