Learning Content Audience

Each video in the Learning Centre and many articles published in our Knowledge Base include the audience this content is best suited to, listed here in alphabetical order: 

  • All 
  • Authorised Representatives - each organisation may appoint up to two individuals to act as the spokespersons to liaise with SupportAbility.
  • Executive Management - may include Board Members, the Director, CEO and/or General Manager or Staff tasked with the strategic management of your organisation. 
  • Finance Team - may include a Chief Financial Officer, Financial Controller, Finance Manager or Staff tasked with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll. 
  • HR Specialist - may include a Human Resources Manager, HR Officer or any Staff tasked with managing personnel. 
  • IT Specialist - may include an IT Manager, IT Officer or any Staff tasked with managing Information Technology in or for your organisation. 
  • Operations Management - may include Operations Managers, Quality Managers, Department Heads, General Managers of each Service or any Staff tasked with operations management in your organisation. 
  • Support Staff - includes all Staff who work either directly or indirectly with Clients.
  • Team Leaders - may include Team Leaders, Managers, Coordinators, 2IC's, Rostering Staff or anyone tasked with managing Staff and/or processes for the Services your organisation delivers.  

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