Sage MicrOpay Timesheet Integration

This article is designed to assist providers in setting up Staff Timesheet integration for the Sage MicrOpay payroll system.


Timesheet Export Mapping for Sage MicrOpay

SupportAbility can export (non-award interpreted) timesheet data in a format that can then be imported into Sage MicrOpay.  

The following table explains how SupportAbility formats Timesheet data when exporting Timesheet Batches specifically for Sage MicrOpay:

Characters Sage MicrOPay Field SupportAbility Data Example
1-8 Emp number Staff Member's 'Payroll System Identifier' as entered on the Human Resources tab of the Staff Member's record (padded to 8 characters in length with leading zeros)  00041548
9-13 Year 4 digit Year of Staff shift Start/Stop date (YYYY format) 2019
14-15 Month 2 digit Month of Staff shift Start/Stop date (MM format) 01
16-17 Day of Month 2 digit Day of Month of Staff shift Start/Stop date (DD format) 30
18-21 Time Staff shift Start/Stop time (HHMM format) 0405
22 Direction I = Start Time
O = Stop Time

SupportAbility exports a pair of (2) rows in the Sage MicrOpay Timesheet Batch Export file for each Timesheet exported.  The first row (ending in an 'I') denotes the shift Start date/time, whilst the second row (ending in an 'O') denotes the shift End date/time.
For example, the paired export rows for a timesheet may look as follows: 


This would indicate a staff shift with the following information:

  • This shift was related to the Staff Member with the Payroll System Identifier of '123'
  • The shift start date/time was 09/05/2019 at 1:45 pm
  • The shift stop date/time was 09/05/2019 at 6:15 pm

Limitations of this Sage MicrOpay Timesheet Integration

SupportAbility and Sage MicrOpay have identified the following limitations with integration between the two systems.

Limited Data Transmission

This export only allows the following information to be sent to Sage MicrOpay:

  • Staff Member Identifier
  • Shift start date/time
  • Shift stop date/time

Sage MicrOpay does not allow for additional timesheet details to be passed through such as Site, Service, Job Codes, etc...

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