Activity Programs List

Activities with a service can now be identified and grouped by Program 

For example, a Day Service may have a swimming program, wood-working program, recreation program and holiday program. 

To get started using Programs, add your list of Programs to the 'Activity: Programs' list in System Preferences:

Click on the '+' icon to add a Program to the list: 

Once the list of Programs has been set, staff need to select the related Program when creating or editing an activity: 

Please note, there is an 'Other' option listed by default. 

Once the list has been created, Program is an available filter in the Activity search: 

The Activity Schedule Report can also be filtered by Program: 

Programs can also be used to form part of your organisations  Job Codes for invoices and timesheets exported to your Finance and Payroll packages.  

For information regarding the structure of Services and Programs in SupportAbility, please review the  Services article. 

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