NDIS Configuration

NDIS Funding is a default Funding Type in SupportAbility and has, for the most part, been configured for your organisation. There are however, some things that must be configured in order to utilise this inbuilt functionality and set up invoicing for the NDIA.

In addition, if your organisation wishes to use the Client Support Log feature whereby Clients may confirm receipt of the NDIS Support Items delivered in the Direct Services provided via Activities, and in particular the Client Support Log via Digital Signature, there is some configuration required to set this up. 

For more information regarding this feature, please review the What is the Client Support Log? video by selecting this link, or via the Features section of the Learning Centre. Alternatively, related articles have been linked at the bottom of the page. 


  • It is imperative that your organisation has considered how Invoice Batches will be generated, and specifically how Invoices for the NDIA should be processed and managed. 
  • Finance Configuration must be completed in order for Invoices to be imported into your organisation's Finance system.
  • To perform configuration in System Preferences, Staff require the 'Edit System Preferences' Staff Account Privilege.

What configuration is required?

The NDIS Configuration video provides an overview of these requirements and can be viewed by selecting the link provided, or navigating to the Configuration section of the Learning Centre:

 N.B. 'Client Funding Over/Under Spend Warning Thresholds', 'Cancellation and "no show" management' and the 'Support Log Introductory Text' features were not available at the time this video was created and are hence not included as yet. 

NDIA Invoices

  • It is recommended that the NDIA is created in your Finance system as a debtor if invoices for Agency-managed Client Funding are imported (based on your chosen Finance Integration Strategy as outlined above). 
  • Enter your organisation's NDIS Provider Registration Number.
  • The Client Funding Over/Under Spend Warning Thresholds used in the Utilisation tab of the NDIS Direct Client Funding record.
  • The reduced price percentage your organisation wishes to charge in the event of a Cancellation or "no show".
  • The Services that can be paid for using NDIS Funding must be activated.
  • The Client's NDIS Number must be entered in the Administration section of the Client Details tab.
  • Further to this, it is important to understand what is required for any Clients who have a Plan Manager or are Self Managing their NDIS Funding.

Create the NDIA in your Finance system as a Debtor

Each SupportAbility installation has the default NDIA contact record included for invoicing purposes e.g:

This record is used as the default Financial Plan Manager when entering NDIS funding in a Clients record and is appropriate where the Funding is Agency managed e.g:

If your organisation wishes to import these invoices, the NDIA will need to be created in your organisation's finance system as a debtor.

MYOB AccountRight, Essentials and EXO

If your organisation uses MYOB, enter the corresponding Card ID in the Debtor ID field of the NDIA Contact record in SupportAbility. 

Zed Axis for QuickBooks or Reckon

If your organisation uses  Zed Axis for QuickBooks or Reckon, the corresponding QuickBooks or Reckon 'Card ID' must be added to the 'Debtor ID' field in SupportAbility.


If your organisation uses  Xero, be sure to create the NDIA record with the same name as the record in SupportAbility, as XERO matches the data by entity name.

NDIS Provider Registration Number

Providers will need to set their NDIS Provider Registration Number/s in the Settings tab in System Preferences. This populates in the Bulk Payment Request file generated from SupportAbility. 

If your organisation operates in one State or Territory, enter your organisation's NDIS provider registration number in the relevant field e.g: 

National Provider Registration Number

If your organisation has a National provider registration number and wishes to generate Bulk Payment Requests across all of the States and/or Territories you operate in, this can be entered in the National field e.g: 

If your organisation wishes to continue to have the option to generate bulk payment requests for selected States and/or Territories your organisation operates in, along with nationally, simply enter this number in each of these fields e.g: 

If your organisation  only wishes to have the option to generate bulk payment requests for selected States and/or Territories, simply enter this number in each of these fields e.g:

Client Funding Over/Under Spend Warning Thresholds

Several of the Budget Utilisation tools in SupportAbility provide indications that the Client is underspending or overspending against a given Budget or Expenditure target.  

In cases such as this, it is important to highlight when a significant variance from the Support Budget or Expenditure target exists. Whereas minor deviations may be regarded as normal and not flagged.  

To facilitate this, SupportAbility provides Client Funding Underspend and Overspend Warning Threshold settings, that may be configured from the default to your organisations desired warning tolerance levels.

Please review the Client Funding Over/Under Spend Warning Thresholds article for more information including instruction on how to complete this configuration. 

Cancellation and "no show" management

The reduced price percentage your organisation wishes to charge for Category 1, 4 and 15 NDIS Support Allocations can be configured in the case where a cancellation or "no show" occurs. This is set to 90% by default and can be configured between 0 - 90%. 

This percentage calculation is applied to the price of any existing Support Category 1 (personal care), 4 (community access) and 15 (therapeutic) NDIS Support Allocations for Clients in Activities after July 1st, 2018 in situations where:

  • the Client is marked as Absent, 
  • the Client is set to be charged (No Charge is not selected), 
  • the Activity Sign Off has not been performed, and 
  • no Client Support Log exists.

A setting is available in   System Preferences::Settings::NDIS to edit the reduced price percentage for cancellations where required, in the 'Cancellation and "no show" management' section: 

If your organisation wishes to edit the percentage for cancellations, select the 'Edit' button. The following ' Edit Reduced Price Percentage' window will appear: 

Enter the 'New reduced price percentage for cancellations'. A percentage of between 0 and 90 may be added, up to 2 decimal places. Once entered, select Save: 

Confirmation of this change is required: 

Activate the Services that can be paid for using NDIS Funding

The Services your organisation delivers that Clients can pay to participate in using NDIS funding, must be activated in  System Preferences::Funding: 

Review the ' Usable by Services' section and select each Service that Clients can pay for using their NDIS Funding e.g: 

Client NDIS Number

The Client's NDIS Number must be entered into SupportAbility for all Clients paying for Services using NDIS Funding as this identifier is included in the Bulk Payment Request file export generated from SupportAbility. 

This number is added in the Administration section on the Client Details tab: 

Now that this configuration is complete, your organisation is ready to enter NDIS Client Funding records. Before this commences, please ensure that the following are considered: 

Plan Managers

For any Client's who have a Plan Manager managing their NDIS Funding, a Financial Plan Management (FPM) contact record for these Plan Management organisations must be created, in order for them to be available to be set in the Client funding record.

For further information regarding this, please review the:  

Self Managed Clients

It is important to ensure the  Client Billing Contact is correct for any Client's who are self-managing all or part of their NDIS Funding Plan or have a Plan Nominee managing their funds. Please review the linked article for more information about setting the Client billing contact. 

By default, the Client is set to being the billing contact, however, if there is another person responsible for receiving and paying their NDIS invoices e.g. their Plan Nominee, this individual can be added as a Contact and set as the billing contact e.g:

This will then reflect when the Client has been selected as the Financial Plan Manager within the Client's NDIS Funding Plan e.g: 

Client Support Log

  • Your organisation will need to decide how each Service should have the 'Support Log Evidence Required' Activity setting configured,
  • An organisation wide 'Client Mode PIN' must be created in System Preferences.
    • This PIN will be used to exit out of the locked Client Mode when performing the Client Support Log via 'Digital Signature',
  • The System Administrator details in System Preferences must be accurate.
    • This important contact information will be displayed if staff have forgotten the Client Mode PIN.
  • Review the 'Support Log Introductory text' in System Preferences.
    • This text is displayed when a client, or their nominee, is completing a Support Log via Digital Signature and this can be amended as required.

For comprehensive details regarding the required configuration in order to set up the Client Support Log feature, please review the Configuring the Client Support Log article or Configuring the Client Support Log video by selecting this link or navigating to Features > Client Support Log in the Learning Centre: 

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