Standard [Staff] Availability

The days of the week and hours that a Staff member is available to work across a seven day period can be entered in the Availability tab of their Staff account by a Team Leader or anyone with the Human Resources privilege for the Sites/Services where the Staff member works. 


By default all Staff are set to being available 24/7: 

However, this may can be updated to reflect the hours the Staff member works or is available. This is particularly useful if Staff only work on specific days of the week and/or times, as entering this information here will display availability issues (if any) when rostering Staff into Activities. 

For example, Abel works part-time and is not available on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon. His Standard Availability has been updated to reflect this: 

Availability issues

When creating an activity on a Wednesday for example, it will highlight in red next under 'Availability' in Step 2 of the Activity Creation wizard that Abel is unavailable and in the Staff section of the activity record. Selecting the down arrow will display more information: 

Managing Staff Availability which changes regularly

In the case where a Staff member has availability that changes regularly, some providers choose to de-select each day of the week in their Standard Availability so the person is not available by default: 

The onus is then on the Staff member to enter in an Availability or Leave Exception to advise the organisation they are available to work:

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