Rate Cards FAQ

Can we change the time & a half and the double time rate?

At present this is fixed and cannot be adjusted. SupportAbility calculates this from the Base Hours rate as entered. 

Can additional rates be added?

At present, additional rates cannot be entered, however this is in our roadmap for addition in a future system upgrade. 

We don't use all of the hours types listed in the rate card, can these be changed?

The hours types listed are simply labels and these labels can be changed by the team at SupportAbility for you. Please review the  Rate Card usage type labels article for further information. 

Unfortunately we cannot change an eight hour block to an hour block for example at this stage though. 

Why can't we delete the rate card?

The rate card cannot be deleted if any activities have been signed off that were using these rates to calculate the client billing and/or expenditure accrued. 

Providers should not need to delete a rate card, simply amend the validity period to ensure that you only have one current rate card as highlighted in green. 

If you have any further questions regarding rate cards, please email us at support@supportability.com.au and we will answer your query and add it to this FAQ.

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