Locking Documents by Service

Client, Contact and Staff documents can now be restricted by Service for added privacy. If a document is locked to a specific Service, only staff that have access to that Service in their staff account privileges will be able to view and edit the document. 

For example, if there is a specific report that should only be viewable by Psychology Services, and no other staff, access can be restricted to staff that work in, or have access to, the Psychology Service. This may also be useful for any providers delivering NDIS Support Coordination and/or NDIS Financial Plan Management Services to clients, whilst also providing them with direct support. 

By default, any existing documents and any document that is uploaded will be available to ALL.

Audience: All

How to restrict a document by Service

When uploading a new document, select the plus icon;

Indicate the Document type;

Located on the far right of your menu, is the option to indicate the Service you would like to lock this document too. Selecting the arrows button allows you to set the Service this document will be restricted to;

A reminder: Selecting a Service that a staff member does not have privileges to view will give them the following warning;

By continuing to add the document, without access to that particular service, it will then disappear from view with a flag that there are documents that have been removed from view;

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