How do I search for missing Documents?

To search for 'missing' Documents, it is recommended to use the Document Search and search for Documents with the Status of everything other than Current for the relevant Document Type. 

Searching via the Missing Document Status alone only returns results of Documents that do not have a file attached to the Document record. The search must contain the other Document Status options of ScheduledIncompleteObsolete, as well as Missing to find all truly 'missing' documents. 

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How to search for 'missing' Documents of a specific type

Navigate to the Document Search in the Report menu. 

To search for 'missing' or not-current documents of a specific type, firstly select the Record Type e.g: Client

Select the Document Type e.g: Consent Form

Update the Document Status to a combination of Scheduled, Incomplete, Obsolete and Missing e.g: 

All of these status filters combined will yield results of all records of this type that do not have a current document

How to search for 'missing' Compulsory Documents

To search for missing Compulsory Documents, select 'All Compulsory Documents' in the Document Type search criterion:

In addition to the steps outlined above. More information on this search is outlined in the Document Search article linked below for reference.

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