How do I search for missing documents?


There are various document status' in SupportAbility. The Missing document status refers to a document that has not been attached to the document type record and does not mean a document that is 'missing' due to having a previous document of this type linked to it, which is now obsolete for example. 

Therefore when selecting Missing in the status filter alone, yields results of records without this document type attached at all. It must be combined with the other status types of ScheduledIncompleteObsolete and Missing to find all truly 'missing' documents. 

How to find 'missing' documents of a specific type

Navigate to the Document Search in the Reports section of SupportAbility. 

To search for 'missing' or not-current documents of a specific type, firstly select the Record Type e.g: Client

Select the Document Type e.g: Consent Form

Update the Document Status to a combination of Scheduled, Incomplete, Obsolete and Missing e.g: 

All of these status filters combined will yield results of all records of this type that do not have a current document

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