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The Document Search feature allows Staff to search for Document Types, and their subsequent attachment, pertaining to specific records i.e. Clients, Staff, Contacts, Organisation Incidents (AIR) or Opportunities for Improvement (if these records exist), using a range of search criteria for a variety of purposes. 

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Accessing the Document Search

To access the Document Search, navigate to the Reports menu from the Dashboard: 

Once in the Reports section of SupportAbility, navigate to the Other section and select 'Document Search':

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Search criteria

The Document Search drop-down menus have been designed akin to the Quick Search, in that you can type what you are searching for e.g. Consent:

The search results will appear for you to select from. Or the selection can be made directly from the drop-down menu. 

Record Type

When performing a document search, the Record Type you are searching for must be selected first.  

The types of records available to search from are: 

  • Client
  • Contact
  • Staff
  • Opportunity for Improvement (OFI)
  • Organisation Accident Incident Register (AIR) 
    • Incident
    • Incident Investigation
    • Incident Injury

Once a Record Type has been selected, additional search criteria will appear: 

This has been outlined further below. 

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Document Type

A specific type of document can be searched for by typing into the field or selecting it from the Document Type filter e.g. Action Plan:

The list of Document Types available to select from is based on the configuration of System Preferences in your organisation's installation of SupportAbility.


To search for the Document Type of Other, navigate to the bottom of the Document Type list: 

Once Other is selected, a text field will appear allowing the specific type of document to be entered. This can also be left blank: 

All compulsory documents

The Document Type filter also contains the option to search 'All compulsory documents' as configured in the System Preferences of your organisation's installation of SupportAbility when performing a document search for the record types of Client or Staff:

Selecting  'All compulsory documents' will search for any Document Types that have been set to being compulsory by your organisation for the selected Record Type e.g. Staff: 

N.B. If your organisation chooses to set compulsory Staff Documents for each Service in System Preferences, we recommend ensuring that all compulsory Staff Documents are set for the 'Administration' Service. This will ensure that Staff members who have 'Administration [ALL SERVICES]' listed for a Site in their Staff Account, will be included in a Document Search where the search criteria are seeking to identify those Staff who have missing, obsolete, or incomplete Document records.

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Document Status

When a document type is added to a record, the Status of this document is displayed e.g. Client - Tim Swanston, Document Type - NDIS Support Plan, Status - Current:

The Status of a Document may be any of the following: 

Current - document record with a file attached.

Scheduled - document record created, no file attached but due/review date set. 

Incomplete - document record created, but no file attached and no due/review date set.

Obsolete - document record status set as obsolete.   

An additional status of Missing has been added to the Document Status filter for search purposes: 
Missing - entity does not have document record of the selected type.

Document Date

When a document is uploaded, the Document Date field auto-populates with the date the document was uploaded e.g. Behaviour Support Plan uploaded on the 14th of June, 2017

However, this may be manually changed to reflect the date the document was received or signed e.g.  Behaviour Support Plan received on the 12th of June, 2017

The Document Date filter allows Staff to search by the date range of when documents of that type have been uploaded, or the date this has been updated too.  For example, by financial year: 

Due/Review Date

A Due/Review Date can be added to a document to notify the selected Staff Member that this document requires action e.g: the following  Behaviour Support Plan is valid for twelve months and requires review at the end of this period: 

The Due/Review Date filter allows Staff to search by the date range of when documents of that type are due for review e.g. the first week of July in 2017:

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When a Due/Review Date is added to a document, a Staff member must be selected as the person to be notified that this document requires action e.g: this  Behaviour Support Plan is valid for a twelve month period and requires review at the end of this period by Alphonso Tack:

The notify feature is designed so that a notification populates on the dashboard of the Staff Member set to receive the notification e.g: 

Client Document notifications are set to appear on the dashboard by default, 30 days out from being due. However, this may have been configured differently by your organisation. Please review the  Dashboard Privileges and Customisation article linked below for more information. 

The Notify filter allows Staff to search by the person selected to be notified for documents of this type: 

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Depending on the record type you are choosing to search i.e. Client, Staff, Incident etc, a filter regarding the services this record type relates to is available for selection. Please note: Contacts are not attributed to Services, therefore, this filter does not appear for record searches of this type. 

When performing a Client record type search, the Client Service filter selected will search for this service that has been entered in the  Client Service Participation section of Client records. 

The results will display document records of client's who participate in this service e.g. Accommodation: 

If a search is performed for a service the Staff member does not have access to in their Staff Account privileges, the results returned will only display Clients who participate in the selected Service AND a Service that the individual has access to. 


When performing a Staff record type search, the Staff Service filter selected will search for document records relating to the Staff that work in the selected service as set in the Sites and Services where this staff member works section of their Staff account privileges. 

If the individual performing the search does not have the Human Resources role in their Staff Account privileges, giving them access to the documents tab for staff that work in the services they have this privilege for, although they can select this filter, it will return no results e.g: 

Organisation Incidents and Opportunities for Improvement

If your organisation has documents uploaded to the Accident/Incident Register (AIR) and/or Opportunities for Improvement (OFI), these will be available to select from in the Document Search. 

The following record types also have a related service filter available for selection: 

  • Opportunity for Improvement (OFI)
  • Organisation Accident Incident Register (AIR) 
    • Incident
    • Incident Investigation
    • Incident Injury

When the Service filter is used, the results listed will display the document records for the related service of each of these record types e.g. [Organisational] Incident record search for Incident Service of NDIS FPM

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The Active filter allows searching by active account status for the record types of Client or Staff and e.g. 

The default for this filter is set to Yes, meaning only active records of this record type will be searched. 

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Lock to Service 

When a document is added to a Client, Staff or Contact record, it can be restricted to a specific service as required for privacy e.g. the following Behaviour Support Plan has been locked to the Support Coordination Service, meaning only staff who have been granted access to working in the Support Coordination service in their staff account privileges can view this document: 

For more information about this feature, please review the Locking Documents by Service article. 

The 'Lock to Service' criteria allows Staff to search for Document records that have been restricted to a selected Service e.g. Accommodation: 

For search results to appear when using this filter, Staff must have access to that Service configured in their Staff Account privileges.

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Managers Only

Documents can be updated to being for Managers Only as an additional privacy layer e.g: 

Staff must have the User is a Manager privilege configured in their Staff Account privileges to access documents restricted to Managers Only. 

The Managers Only filter allows searching documents by Managers Only status for all record types:

This filter can be used to find documents that have been restricted to Managers Only by selecting Yes. 

Only staff with the User is a Manager privilege configured in their Staff Account privileges AND have access to the Client record, will have access to these documents in the search results.

The default for this filter is set to Both, meaning documents restricted to Managers Only, or not, will be searched by default.

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Organisation Incidents and Opportunities for Improvement Status

If your organisation has documents uploaded to the Accident/Incident Register (AIR) and/or Opportunities for Improvement (OFI), these will be available to select from in the Document Search:

  • Opportunity for Improvement (OFI)
  • Organisation Accident Incident Register (AIR) 
    • Incident
    • Incident Investigation
    • Incident Injury

These records can be searched by their associated status filters of New, In Progress, Completed or Rejected:

All of these Status filters are selected by default. 

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Search results

When a Document Search has been performed, the search results will be listed to the right-hand side of the page and the document search filters remain visible on the left to clearly display the search criteria selected and can be updated as required: 

Sort feature

The default sort order of the search results list is by the Name of the record type e.g. Client and then by Status. 

Each of the columns has the ability to be sorted by ascending or descending order. To sort the list, select the ascending or descending button which has the graph icon e.g:  

And the list will be sorted in the selected order e.g: 

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Download and Preview Documents

Staff can download and/or preview documents listed in the Document Type column of the search results: 

For more information about this functionality, please review the  Downloading and Previewing Documents article.

Download Document List

The document search result list is also available for download from the Actions menu if required: 

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