Does SupportAbility integrate with MYOB Essentials and Exo?

SupportAbility does not have a standard MYOB EXO invoice export due to the fact that this finance package is a notoriously difficult system to integrate with. The primary reasons for this are:

  1. It is not good at importing data
  2. It is a heavily customised system with no core standard formats

EXO is usually installed an managed by an "EXO Implementer" organisation. Previously we have worked with a Victorian disability service provider and their EXO Implementer to jointly provide a solution to move invoice data (Debtors and Invoices - GL and Job Coded) from SupportAbility Across to MYOB EXO. However it took us approximately 60 hours of Support time plus a considerable amount of work from their EXO Implementer (we are not privy to the amount or cost of this third party work). 

There will most likely be some efficiencies gained by the fact that we can most likely use some of the work from the previous integration. However, with any custom development work, we require the invoice import specification documentation to scope the amount of development work required for this and would be happy to liaise with an organisation's MYOB EXO specialist (with their permission) in order to obtain this, as MYOB EXO is usually a customised package. 

Under the NDIS, the efficiencies of finance integration are critical to managing cash flow in an arrears model and so the expenditure to develop a custom export has been deemed worthwhile by many providers. However, each provider will need to make their own decision in this regard. Please review our Support Contract Pricing for pricing details.

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