Support Contract Pricing

Subscription support

Each SupportAbility subscription includes Second Tier email support, provided queries are emailed and channelled via your organisations two nominated  Authorised Representatives

Paid support contract offering

However, if specialised small project consultancy for example, or configuration is required e.g.  Job Codes; SupportAbility may choose to facilitate these requests using our paid support options under the rules of our  Community Development Model.  The acceptance of these projects is purely at the discretion of SupportAbility.  For example, proposed projects may be rejected because: 

  • resources are pre-committed to other projects
  • we do not think the process is the best utilisation of our resources
  • we do not think we are the right people to perform the work
  • we do not think we can add value 

SupportAbility DOES NOT provide certain services under paid support contract. Such as: training, data entry, product customisations, custom reports, business consultancy, process consultancy, etc. Therefore, all paid support requests require the expressed approval of Envision Systems. 

For this reason, organisations should seek approval first by having one of their  Authorised Representatives email with their request, before purchasing any paid support time.

Support contract options

Support Contracts allow organisations to purchase blocks of hours at discounted rates for larger projects. The support contract options are as follows:

Important information: 

* All support contracts must be paid for in advance to receive the applicable discount. 

* All prices exclude GST.

* Purchased support time does not expire.

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