Acknowledge Client Warnings setting

Acknowledge Client Warnings

Warnings serve an important purpose in providing critical information about a Client, and it is, therefore, essential that Staff are aware of these Warnings whenever working with Clients whose record contains important information they need to be aware of.  

A useful feature to prompt Staff to read these Warnings whenever they access the Client record is to enforce Staff to acknowledge the Warning, which is a customisable setting in SupportAbility.   

When the 'Force Staff to Acknowledge Client Warnings' setting has been activated in System Preferences, the 'Acknowledge Client Warnings' window will display whenever a Staff member attempts to access a Client record which contains any Red or Amber Warnings: 

Before access to the Client record is granted, the Staff member will need to select the 'I acknowledge these client warnings' button.  Staff have the option however to select the 'I do not acknowledge these Client warnings' button, whereby access to the Client record will not be granted and they will be reverted to the Dashboard. The next time the Staff member attempts to open the Client record, the Warnings window will appear again offering them the same options.  They will need to acknowledge the Client warnings for access to be granted.

Staff only need to acknowledge the Client Warning for each of the relevant Client records, once per login session.  

Configuring this setting

The 'Force Staff to Acknowledge Client Warnings' setting is set to 'on' by default for all new SupportAbility installations.

Only Staff with the 'Edit System Preferences'  Staff Account Privilege will have the ability to access and edit this setting, where required. 

Navigate to System Preferences::Settings::System Settings section, and select the 'Force Staff to Acknowledge Client Warnings'. 

Remember to select ' Save Preference Set' to save this change: 

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