NDIS Service Breakdown Report

The NDIS Service Breakdown Report is designed to show the total value of NDIS Support Items allocated across Activities relative to the search criteria. 

It is important to note, that this Report DOES NOT calculate nor display any Funding Utilisation data, rather it calculates the number of times ( Quantity) a Support Item has been allocated, the Average Price, and the Total Value for that Support Item.

Funding Utilisation information is available using the NDIS Budget Utilisation Report, accessed via the Reports menu. Detailed information about that Report is available in the related article, linked below for reference.

Prerequisites: Both the 'View Financial Information' and 'Edit Client Records Across ALL Services' Staff Account Privileges.

Audience: Finance Team, Operations Management.


The following list summarises the content within this article:

  • How to generate this report
  • Report Results

How to generate this report

The  NDIS Service Breakdown Report can be accessed by selecting 'Finance' from the Dashboard:

Next, navigate to the 'Reports::NDIS Direct Support Allocations' section in the Finance menu and select the 'NDIS Service Breakdown Report': 

Search Criteria

The search criteria for the 'NDIS Service Breakdown Report' include From & To Dates, Sign Off Status, Sites and Services. 

The  Reporting Period is set by first selecting the calendar icon and then the relevant 'From Date' and 'To Date':

N.B. You may wish to view this on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Select the relevant Activity  Sign Off Status. Options include All, Signed Off, Not Signed Off:

Select the relevant  Sites and Services:

N.B. All Sites and Services are selected by default. If only one Site or Service is required, a quick method for selecting this is to use the 'None' button to deselect all then select the corresponding checkbox for the required Site or Service. 

Select the 'Generate Report' button:

Report Results

Once generated, the Report returns a list of NDIS Support Items, grouped by NDIS Support Category, relating to the selected report criteria, that are valid for the reporting period.

The data presented includes:

  • Category / Cluster - The NDIS Support Category descriptions for the Supports allocated/delivered, grouped by Support Category
  • Reference Number - Support Item reference number 
  • Support - Support Item description
  • Claim Type - e.g. Standard Service, Provider Travel, 
  • Quantity: The total cumulative quantity of this Support Item allocated within Activities that fall within the report criteria
  • Average Price: The average price charged for this Support Item, as allocated within Activities that fall within the report criteria
  • Total Value: The total cumulative value for this Support Item, as allocated within Activities that fall within the report criteria.  

It is important to note when generating the NDIS Service Breakdown Report, particularly when generating the Report for monthly or quarterly periods, that any Supports which have been allocated in Activities where the Activity From and To Dates span across multiple reporting periods, the values for these Supports will be included in the Report results for both periods.

For example, Supports allocated in an Activity with a From Date of 28/07/2021 and a To Date of 04/08/2021, will be included in the monthly Reports for July and for August.

Further to this, a discrepancy may be noted between the total value for some Supports in the results returned for an annual reporting period compared to the aggregated total value for those Supports when generating monthly reports for the same reporting period.

While the Allocations Report will return the same results, your organisation may find it to be a more suitable alternative to the NDIS Service Breakdown Report as it provides many more filter options and displays more data in the Report results.  The benefit of the Allocations Report is that the onscreen results provide greater visibility of the related Activities including the Activity Dates, which can be reviewed as needed to determine which Activities cover a period outside the reporting period parameters.

The Allocations Report results can also be downloaded into a CSV file where the data can be reviewed and manipulated as required.

Detailed information on the Allocations Report is available in the related article, linked below for reference.

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