Client Status tab overview

The Client 'Status' tab is where all Client medical and disability information is entered. This is where it is possible to add Client Warnings, information relating to Medical Conditions, Behaviours and Immunisations, specify Support Needs, record Routines and other important Disability and Medical information about the Client.

This article provides an overview of the different sections of this tab in the Client record and includes a section regarding related learning content for reference. 

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Client Status tab overview

  • Warnings, Medical Conditions and Behaviors - Each of these can be assigned a risk level (amber or red) which will populate a Warning bar at the top of the Client record, visible from all tabs, and related Documents already uploaded to the Client's Documents tab may be linked here:

  • Immunisations - Due to the importance of recording Client Immunisations, particularly during the COVID pandemic where immunisations are now mandatory, the ability to add Immunisation records has been included in SupportAbility in the upgrade to v7.17 (October, 2021). Related Documents, already uploaded to the Client's Documents tab, may be linked to these records:

    N.B. 'Immunisation: Type' is a configurable List in System Preferences, applicable for both Client records and Staff Accounts.

  • Routines - Details relating to the Client's routine and practical steps that Staff can follow to best support the Client are recorded here. Related Documents, already uploaded to the Client's Documents tab, may also be linked here:

  • Disability Notes - Details relating to the Client's disability to help Staff understand the Client's strengths and weaknesses 
  • About Me - Details relating to the Client's likes and dislikes and what is important to them

  • Disabilities Summary & Medical Information - Information relating to the Client's disability as well as contact details for the Medical support network
  • Support Needs -  Information relating to the support needs of the Client to help guide Staff on how they will need to support the Client

Confirm Save

Additional validations are completed when saving changes on the Status tab. If SupportAbility detects that five or more fields are empty, a notification window will pop up to confirm that the save is intentional. This prompt is designed to prevent Staff Members from making and saving unintentional changes such as clearing data from the free text fields. 

Related learning content

The following articles have been linked below for reference and videos can be found in the Learning Centre in SupportAbility:

  • Foundations | Client Details article
  • Client Warnings, Medical Conditions and Behaviours article
  • How to add Immunisation records for Clients article
  • Clients: Status tab video in the Client Management::Client Record section of the Learning Centre

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