Client Assessments tab overview

The Assessments tab is where Staff Members can create new and review historical Client Assessments. Client Assessments can be utilised at regular intervals to track a Client's progress in a particular area over time. 

This article provides an overview of the different sections of this tab in the Client record and includes a section regarding related learning content for reference. 

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The Client Assessments tab is divided up into the following sections:

  • Client Assessments - This is where a new Client Assessment can be added by selecting the + icon and then selecting the appropriate Assessment type from the dropdown list in the modal. A list of current and historical Client Assessments is also displayed here
  • Client Assessment Trends Analysis - This is a tool available to assist in tracking a Client's progress in a specific area over a period of time, based on the data added in each Client Assessment during this time frame. 

Two assessments are available by default in all SupportAbility installations i.e. the 'Competency Assessment Tool' and 'Support Needs Assessment', however, these can be configured by each provider to ensure they accurately reflect the criteria requiring assessment over time. New Assessment templates can also be configured as required. 

While the Delete icon is displayed next to each Assessment, the Delete Records privilege is required in order to delete an Assessment successfully.

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