Creating Assessment Templates

SupportAbility provides the functionality to create quantitative structured Assessments for Clients based on the areas that require assessment over time. 

There are two Assessments available in all SupportAbility installations by default i.e. Competency Assessment Tool and Support Needs Assessment, however, these can be configured by each provider to ensure they accurately reflect the criteria requiring assessment over time. New Assessment templates can also be created as required. 

Once an Assessment Template has been created, it can be utilised at regular intervals to map a Client's progress in a particular area. Assessment Templates can be added for each Client in the 'Assessments' tab of their Client record and a Client's completed Assessments can also be accessed from this tab. 

Assessments are comprised of three elements with the following structure:

  • Assessment: The assessment (test) itself. e.g. Support Needs Assessment
  • Section: Used to group criteria of a similar kind, that all share the same evaluation scale. e.g. Mobility
  • Criteria: An item to assess quantitatively (1-4) which relates specifically to the Section. e.g. Ability to stand independently

Assessment Templates are created in System Preferences and therefore can only be created by Staff with the relevant Staff Account privilege to access System Preferences.

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Operations Management


The following list summarises the content within this article. Click on the links below to take you to the relevant sections:

Creating an Assessment Template

To begin creating an Assessment Template, navigate to the Dashboard and select System Preferences.  

Navigate to the Assessments tab and select the + Add a new Assessment template button. 

Then select the target icon next to the 'New Assessment Template' you have just created, to open and edit it.

Once the 'Assessment Template Details' window opens, begin by editing the 'Assessment Name' field as required,in the 'Assessment Template Details' section, . 

e.g. My Support Needs Assessment 

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Creating the Assessment Template Sections 

To begin creating the Assessment Template Sections, navigate to the 'Assessment Template: New Assessment Template' section and select the ' + Add a new section to this assessment template' button: 

Once the Assessment Template Section opens, the following fields can be customised as required:

  • Section name e.g. Mobility
  • Section Notes Template
  • Lowest & Highest Evaluation Score

The 'Level Descriptor' and 'Level Summary' for each level can be customised for this Assessment Template Section, in the 'Section Evaluation Levels' (1-4) area :

Additional Sections can be created e.g. Daily Living, by selecting the ' + Add a new section to this assessment template' button, and following the steps above to customise this new section: 

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Creating the Assessment Template Criteria

Once a Section has been created, the specific Criteria e.g.  Ability to stand independently, which will be assessed under that Section e.g. Mobility, can be added. 

To do this, select the Add a new criteria button:

Enter a description for this criteria relative to the Assessment Section e.g. Ability to stand independently:

Additional Criteria can be added to this Assessment Section by selecting the  + Add a new criteria button:

Once all the Criteria have been created, the list order can be revised by hovering on the orange arrow next to the Criteria which requires moving, and dragging it to the preferred location in the list. Selecting the 'Save Assessment Template Section' button will revise the Order numbers.

Remember to select the Save 'Assessment Template Section 'button once all additions have been completed:

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Performing a Client Assessment

You are now ready to Perform an Assessment for your client using the Assessment template you just created.

Begin by opening the relevant Client record and navigate to the  Assessments tab:

Select the relevant Assessment Template from the list of selectable options, then select the  + Add a new assessment report button:

When the Assessment opens, there will be five sections displayed as follows:

  1. Client Assessment (Client name, Assessment name, Assessment date)
  2. Assessment (Assessor & Assessment Type)
  3. Sections - e.g. Mobility (displaying 1-4 rating score and Section Note for each) 
  4. Assessment Criteria for this Section e.g. Mobility
  5. Client Assessment Notes

Client Assessment


Select the Type of Assessment from the drop-down menu (e.g. Intake, Probationary, Annual):

N.B. The list of selectable options in the drop-down list for Assessment Type can be configured by your organisation as required, in System Preferences::Lists::Client Assessment:Type (see below for instructions on how to complete this)

Sections (e.g. Mobility)

Select a Rating for each of the Assessment Criteria, and add any relevant Section Notes:

Assessment Criteria for this Section

This section displays the Assessment Criteria levels which have been created for this Section:

Client Assessment Notes

Enter any Client Assessment Notes in the text field provided:

Once all sections have been completed, click the 'Save Client Assessment' button:

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Configuring the Assessment Type List

The options available for selection in the 'Assessment Type' List when performing a Client Assessment, can be configured by your organisation as follows.  

To configure this list, select 'System Preferences' from the 'Dashboard' menu, then open the 'Lists' tab.

Select the target icon next to 'Client Assessment:Type' to open the Edit List window: 

To add an option select the ' + Add a new list item' button:

Enter the details for the list option you wish to add:

Remember to select 'Save List' to save your additions:

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