Client Employment tab overview

The Employment tab will become available if the Client participates in a Service that has been configured as an 'Employment' Service, relevant for providers who deliver School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) and other Employment-related Services. This is where information relating to employment opportunities is captured and stored. 

This article provides an overview of the different sections of this tab in the Client record and includes a section regarding related learning content for reference. 

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This is where information relating to future work interests, future work capacity, inductions, educational placements, training, client qualifications, and client work history is captured and stored.

The Employment tab is divided up into the following sections:  

  • Future Work Interests - Roles and Industries that the Client may be interested in for future employment opportunities.
  • Future Work Capacity - Information relating to the Clients availability and volume of hours the Client would like to work.
  • Inductions - A record of workplace inductions that have been completed by the Client at different sites for different employers
  • Educational Placements -A record of placements that have been completed as part of obtaining a formal qualification
  • Training - A record of training that has been completed by the Client.
  • Client Qualifications - A record of the Client's qualifications.
  • Client Work History (Before Us) - A record of where the Client has worked previously.

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