Configuring the System Administrator Details

Entering the System Administrator's Name and Contact Details is optional when setting up your SupportAbility installation. 

However, this configuration is recommended so your staff know who to contact when they have difficulty resetting their login password, accessing SupportAbility outside a configured IP address range, or have forgotten the Client Support Log PIN. 

Privileges: Edit System Preferences

Audience: Authorised Representatives


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Where are the System Administrator details entered?

The System Administrator Name and Contact details are entered on the Settings tab in System Preferences.

Staff require the 'Edit System Preferences' Staff Account privilege in order to access System Preferences and complete this configuration.

How to enter the System Administrator details

Begin by selecting 'System Preferences' from the Dashboard:

This will open on the Settings tab of System Preferences.

The System Administrator's Name and Contact Details are entered in the Installation Options section of this tab.

Enter the relevant information in the corresponding fields for the 'System Administrator's Name' and 'System Administrator's Contact Details' to ensure this reflects the team or individual, your Staff should contact when requiring assistance. 

N.B. Your 'Company Name' will already be pre-populated by SupportAbility when your installation is provisioned.

Remember to select the 'Save Preference Set' button to save the System Administrator information:

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Where do the System Administrator details display?

There are several places within SupportAbility where your organisation's 'Company Name' and the 'System Administrator's Name' and 'Contact Details' will appear, assuming this information has been entered in System Preferences.

These details display in the following places:

  • the 'Reset Password' email a Staff Member receives after selecting the 'Forgot Your Password' link on the Login screen:

  • the 'Reset Password' email a Staff Member receives after another Staff Member has reset their Password in the Staff Member's Staff Account:

  • the 'Remote Access Denied' notification when a Staff Member tries to access SupportAbility from outside of the configured IP address range, if Remote Access has been activated in your installation:

  • when a Staff Member has selected the 'Forgotten PIN' link if Digital Client Support Logs are being used:  

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