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This article outlines the information which may be recorded on the Training tab of a Staff Account relating to a Staff Member's Training and Qualifications. It also explains who can access this tab and how to add Training and Qualification records.

The Staff Training Search can be used for various purposes related to Staff Members' training and the search results List can be exported in a CSV file for further review.

Privileges: One of the following; the Human Resources OR Team Leader privilege at the Site/Service level, or one of the global privileges - Human Resources For ALL Staff OR Team Leader for ALL Services.

Audience: HR Specialists and Team Leaders


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Who can access this tab?

The Staff 'Training' tab is where information relating to 'Training Records' and 'Qualifications' for a Staff Member can be entered.

This tab is only accessible to those with the 'Human Resources' or 'Team Leader' privilege for the Site/Services this individual works in, or the global 'Human Resources For ALL Staff' or 'Team Leader for ALL Services' privilege.

Assuming Staff have access to a Staff Account but do not have any of these privileges, they will see the following notification displayed after selecting the 'Training' tab:

' Sorry, you do not have sufficient privileges to view or edit availability or training information for this staff member. This is because you need to be an HR manager or team leader for a service that this staff member works in'

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How to add a Training record

To add a new Training record select  + Add a new Training record:

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What information is entered in a Training record

Once a new Training record has been added, information relating to the Staff Member's 'Training' may be recorded as outlined below:

Scheduled Date

Select the calendar icon to add a date that reflects when the Staff Member is due to complete a specific type of training, or the Training is scheduled to take place:

N.B. While adding this Date does not populate a reminder on the Dashboard, 'Scheduled Date' is a search criterion in the Staff Training Search, allowing an organisation to identify Staff who are scheduled to complete upcoming training.  When this filter is used in combination with the 'Training Type' search criterion Staff who are scheduled to complete training of a specific 'Type' can be identified.

Start and End Date

Select the calendar icon to add the Start and End date of the training. This is often entered once the Staff Member has completed the training to record the specific dates the training was attended:


Select the relevant training Type from the list of available options: 

The 'Staff: Training Type' List may be configured to include options relevant to your organisation on the Lists tab in System Preferences, by a person with the relevant access privilege.  


The Cost of the training may be entered here:

Renewal Date

A date may be entered here when training is required to be completed at specific intervals e.g. First Aid and Fire training 

Renewal Notify Staff Member

A full list of active Staff is available to select from, and one Staff Member may be set as the person to Notify about the Training renewal:

As the 'Renewal Date' approaches a reminder Notification will display in the 'Staff Training Renewals' portal on the Dashboard of the Staff Member set to Notify e.g. Athena, if this portal has been configured as ON in System Preferences:


The list of Documents available for selection are those Documents that have already been uploaded to the Documents tab of the Staff Account.  The relevant Document record may be linked here by selecting the appropriate option e.g Training Certificate - 13/09/2022:Once selected and the Staff Account saved the Document file can be viewed or downloaded via the related icons:


Any Notes relevant to the Staff Member's Training may be entered here:

Once all details have been entered, select 'Save User' to save the Training record:

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How to add a Qualification record

To add a new Qualification record select  + Add a new qualification:

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What information is entered in a Qualification record

Once a new Qualification record has been added, information relating to the Staff Member's 'Qualification' may be recorded as outlined below:


Select the calendar icon to add the 'Date' when the Qualification was completed:


This is a free text field where the name of the qualification along with the educational institution attended and any other relevant information may be entered:

Once all details have been entered, select 'Save User' to save the Qualification record:

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Where is the information entered in the Staff Training tab utilised?

The  Staff Training Search accessed via the Reports menu is designed to report on Staff Members' Training specifically, not Qualifications. It can be filtered by a range of search criteria such as Training Type, Document Type, Scheduled, Start, End and Renewal Dates: 

This Search is useful for a range of purposes such as identifying upcoming training holistically across the organisation or for an individual Staff Member, or identifying Staff who are scheduled for or have completed specific Training Types. 

Download Staff Training List

The results List from the Staff Training Search may be downloaded in a CSV file for further review by selecting this option from the Actions menu:

Additional information to that displayed onscreen is contained in the export file such as the Document Date, Staff Member's USI, and Training Notes. 

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