Redirecting Staff Notifications

There are a couple of situations when you may wish to redirect notifications from one Staff Member to another as follows:

  • When a Staff member leaves your organisation
  • When roles and responsibilities change due to Staff movement within or across Services/Sites/Organisation.

SupportAbility provides functionality for redirecting notifications.  

If the redirection is being implemented due to a Staff Member leaving your organisation we recommend redirecting their notifications, prior to inactivating that Staff Member's record once they have left the organisation. 

N.B. It should be noted that:

  • It is not possible to select which notifications to redirect to a Staff member, as all notifications linked to a Staff member will be redirected. 
  • It is not possible to redirect notifications for one Staff member to multiple, or different Staff members. 
  • SupportAbility only redirects current notifications using this Report. Staff set to be notified for any actions which occurred retrospectively e.g. Journal Actions, Client Incident Actions, obsolete Documents are not updated. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, HR Specialist, Team Leaders



The 'Human Resources For ALL Staff' Staff Account Privilege is required to generate this Redirect Staff Notifications function. 

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Which Staff Notifications will be redirected

Once redirection has been set up the following Notification Types will be re-directed:

  • Journal Action
  • Client Incident Action
  • Staff Training
  • Staff Review
  • Conversations
  • Client Documents
  • Staff Documents
  • Contact Documents
  • Incident Documents
  • Incident Injury Documents
  • OFI Documents     

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How to set up Redirection of Staff Notifications

To redirect notifications select the  Reports menu from the Dashboard: 

Scroll to the bottom and navigate to the Human Resources subsection of the Staff section of the Reports menu, then select 'Redirect Staff Notifications': 

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Redirect Staff Notifications

Select the Staff Member who you wish to redirect notifications from and to, then Search for Notifications: 

This will generate a list of results, displaying the number of 'Notifications Found' per 'Notification Type':

Confirmation of this is required by selecting 'Redirect Staff Notifications':

N.B. Performing this action updates the person set to 'notify', and this is all. This feature does not update the Key Support Worker or overwrite any previous work the outgoing Staff Member completed such as Journal entries etc. 

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Key Support Worker

To update the Key Support Worker as listed in the  Client Service Participation of relevant Client records, we recommend running a Client Search:

and filtering by the outgoing 'Key Support Worker':

This will generate a list of Clients who have this Staff Member noted as their Key Support Worker e.g:

The Client List can then be used as a reference for reassigning the Key Support Worker, or at least de-selecting this person, prior to inactivating their Staff Account e.g: 

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