SupportAbility Limitations for ADEs and Supported Employees

Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) are a unique form of disability support that operate very differently to other support options for clients.  If you are using, or considering using, SupportAbility to manage an ADE service, it is important to note:

  • SupportAbility is currently unable to generate rosters or export time sheet data for supported employees
  • SupportAbility tracks supported employees as Clients, not Staff.  This means that Supported Employees will not have access to your SupportAbility installation unless you also create a staff account for them in addition to their Client record
  • Under the NDIS, ADEs (like Supported Living) use items on the NDIS price guide that are claimed in a weekly manner.  As a result, to align with the NDIS payment request process, ADE activities need to be structured to represent a full week.  This is often in conflict with the way organisations wish to manage their day to day activities.

Based on this information, we recommend that ADE Activities in SupportAbility are only used for the purpose of generating payments requests and not used for Rostering supported employees or generating their Time Sheets.

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