How can Activities for Supported Employees be managed?

SupportAbility tracks Supported Employees as Clients, and not Staff (unless a provider has also entered the Client as a Staff Member) for the primary purpose of generating a Client schedule and billing NDIS Support Allocations by claiming these in a BPR for NDIA Managed Funding or invoicing the Client's Plan Manager as required.  

Most providers in this space create week-long Activities for their Supported Employees, to manage the compliance requirements and NDIS Support Allocations reflecting the work the individual participates in associated with the ADE. For example, 'Recycling', 'Sorting', 'Labelling', 'Administration' etc. This satisfies the compliance requirement of having a group roster and allows Staff Members i.e. supervisors, to add Journal evidence and track participation against the Client's Goals as required. 

Supervising Staff Members (not Supported Employees), are rostered into these Activities, with the Staff Shifts customised to reflect the supervisor's Roster. More on this can be found in the Managing Staff Shifts article, linked below for reference. 

IMPORTANT - The 2020/21 NDIS Price Guide introduces significant changes to the way that Supports for Supported Employment are structured. In our conversations with providers regarding this to date, the general consensus is that they will continue to create week-long Activities in SupportAbility, however, the NDIS Support Allocations will now be itemised based on the required Supports, resulting in multiple Allocations per Activity rather than one when this was a single Support with a week UOM. 

We recommend reviewing the 2020/21 Price Guide features applicable by NDIS Support Category article for an overview regarding the changes related to Supported Employment and the features available to assist providers managing these changes, and the Programs of Support article, linked below for reference for more information regarding the new functionality now available in SupportAbility to assist providers managing this. 

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