Terminating a SupportAbility S​ubscription

As a SupportAbility subscriber, your organisation always retains full ownership rights over all of the data entered into SupportAbility, including any uploaded documents. 

The Termination Process

If an organisation chooses to cancel their SupportAbility subscription, the process is as follows:

  1. An Authorised Representative must contact SupportAbility to request a subscription termination by sending an email to support@supportability.com.au.  
  2. Providers will be sent and are required to complete and return the Subscription Termination Authorisation form
    1. One of the following, Director / Chairperson of the board / CEO / Managing Director is required to sign the form to formalise and authorise the termination process.
    2. The Termination Date will be either a date nominated by the Provider, or determined by SupportAbility and agreed with the Provider.
  3. SupportAbility will Terminate the installation (take it permanently offline) on the agreed Termination Date.
    1. Prior to your installation being taken permanently offline, we recommend reviewing whether access to specific information will be required before the data extracts from your SupportAbility installation are imported into an alternative system.  If so we suggest generating relevant reports from SupportAbility which may assist with requirements such as an NDIS audit, internal monthly reporting, or manual data entry into an alternative system. 
  4. SupportAbility will provide access to data and document extracts within 10 working days of the termination date:
    1. SupportAbility will send an email to the two Authorised Representatives containing secure web links to the archives (these links will remain active for a period of 30 days, during which time, the provider is responsible for downloading the contents of the document and data extracts)
      1. The data extract includes all the data extracted from your organisation's SupportAbility installation in SQL and CSV formats (the SQL will include the database schema),
      2. The documents archive includes all uploaded documents (including photos) uploaded to your organisation's SupportAbility installation:
        • documents will be categorised and separated into folders based on the type of entity the document is attached to (e.g. Client, Incident, etc.)
        • the extracted document files will utilise a naming convention that provides reference to the SQL database record it correlates to:
          • Document file naming convention: [recordID].[originalFileExtension] e.g. 64684.pdf,
      3. The data extracts provided are essentially in a 'raw' data format, comprised of the information that your organisation has entered into SupportAbility. The sole purpose of these data extracts is to import this data into another software system.

        While some of these files are in a CSV file format, it is important to understand that these data extracts are not designed for people to navigate manually, and some related information has been spread across multiple files.

        The different fields of information in the data extracts will need to be mapped to match similar fields in your chosen replacement system so that this data can be utilised.
    2. SupportAbility will send the passwords to access the archive links separately to the links for security purposes. These will be sent to the primary Authorised Representative either via express registered post, or SMS if required. 
  5. Providers will need to download the data and document archives and communicate any issues as soon as possible.
  6. Upon receiving confirmation that this data has been downloaded or after a maximum of 30 days after the archive links were provided, SupportAbility will securely destroy all copies of the data associated with this installation and will have no further responsibilities for its storage. 


  • Data extracts do not include user monitoring logs or deleted records.
  • SupportAbility reserves the right to withhold final data extracts until all outstanding invoices have been settled, and the Subscription Termination Authorisation form has been returned.
  • Any support requested to be performed after the Termination Date, or additional data extracts will be undertaken at the sole discretion of SupportAbility, and if approved, will be chargeable at the standard support rates.

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