SupportAbility subscription termination process

When an organisation decides to terminate their SupportAbility subscription, there are several important considerations beforehand. The Considerations when terminating a SupportAbility Subscription article, linked below for reference, outlines these in detail and is a recommended starting point.

This article focuses on the Termination process including how to notify SupportAbility of your organisation's intention to terminate your SupportAbility subscription, when the installation is taken permanently offline, accessing the data and document extracts, and the final destruction of all data relating to your organisation.

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Executive Management 


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Summary of the steps involved in the Termination Process 

The termination process includes the following steps:

  1. Provider notifies SupportAbility of their intention to terminate their SupportAbility subscription
  2. A member of our Customer Success team contacts your organisation to discuss your requirements and provide guidance around key considerations when terminating
  3. SupportAblity updates its customer support and billing records accordingly and forwards the Termination Authorisation form for completion
  4. Provider completes and returns the Termination Authorisation form to formalise the termination and set a termination date
  5. (optional) SupportAbility provides an early set of data/document extracts if required and as arranged, prior to the organisation's installation being taken permanently offline, generally for the purpose of mapping fields of information when planning to digitally upload this data to an alternative system 
  6. SupportAbility takes the provider's installation permanently offline on the agreed termination date, or, the provider transitions to stasis mode with single-user access if this has been arranged
  7. SupportAbility provides the final data/document extracts within five working days following the installation being taken permanently offline or transitioning to stasis mode 
  8. Provider downloads the data/document files and confirms successful downloading of these files
  9. SupportAbility destroys ALL data relating to the organisation's installation, thirty days after the final data/document extract links have been provided. 
    N.B. If an organisation is transitioning to a stasis mode subscription, only the data/document extract files are deleted, not the installation data.

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Notifying SupportAbility of an organisation's intention to terminate

When an organisation decides to terminate their SupportAbility subscription, notification of this intention must be communicated via email to by one of your organisation's Authorised Representatives or a senior manager within your organisation.

Notification of intention to terminate a SupportAbility Subscription must be advised within a paid subscription period i.e. prior to the subscription end date.

Upon receipt of this email, we will contact your organisation via phone to clarify your organisation's requirements for termination, including determining a suitable termination date and the timing for the provision of data extracts.

The Subscription Termination Authorisation form will then be emailed to the person who notified us of the termination, for completion and signing by a senior person in your organisation i.e. Director / Chairperson of the board / CEO / Managing Director.

The form will include the termination date as agreed in the call, which is generally in alignment with the end date of a subscription period.

Returning this signed document constitutes official notice and authorisation to terminate your organisation's SupportAbility subscription. 

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When is an Installation taken permanently offline?

When a SupportAbility subscription is terminated, the unique installation is taken permanently offline on the last day of the subscription period, or an earlier date if this has been agreed on.

From this point onwards no further access to the installation will be possible, thereby no further data may be entered or viewed, and no further operational processes may be completed e.g. entering Client or Staff information, adding Journal evidence, generating payroll data or billing assets such as Bulk Payment Requests (BPRs) or Invoice Batches.

Broadcast Message

A broadcast message can be posted to appear on every user's Dashboard alerting them to the upcoming subscription termination and providing prior warning of the date when access to SupportAbility will cease.  This is an optional step in the process and at the discretion of your organisation. 

Information on posting Dashboard Broadcast Messages is available in the How to configure a Dashboard Broadcast Message for all Staff article linked below for reference.

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Final Data/Document extracts

A final set of data extracts and document files are provided as part of the standard exit process and there is no charge for this service. 

Generally speaking, these are provided approximately five working days after the installation has been taken permanently offline, or at an earlier date as agreed. Alternatively, if an organisation is transitioning to a stasis subscription, these are provided at this time.  

If an earlier additional set of data/document extracts has already been provided as arranged, the final set will still include all of the data over the history of your subscription as it is not possible to provide partial data extracts or extracts commencing from a specific date.

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Data/Document extracts format

The data/document extracts include all of the information and uploaded documents (including photos) that have been entered into your SupportAbility installation. This does not include user monitoring logs or deleted records.

The data extract files are provided in both SQL and in CSV format and the SQL includes the database schema. They are, however, essentially in a 'raw' data format, their sole purpose being to import the data into another software system.

More information regarding this is outlined in the  Considerations when terminating a SupportAbility subscription article, linked below for reference.

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Accessing the Data extracts

Secure links to the data extracts and document files are emailed, usually to an organisation's Authorised Representative, however, these can be sent to another nominated person if required.

For security reasons the passwords to access these links are sent separately via SMS to the same person's mobile.  If required, the passwords can be posted to your organisation via mail.

SupportAbility only keeps these data extracts and document files for 30 days post provision after which time they are securely destroyed. Therefore it is important that your organisation downloads these as soon as possible.

Once they have been successfully downloaded we require your organisation to advise confirmation of this via email to

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Final Data destruction

By default when a provider terminates their SupportAbility subscription, we are obliged to permanently delete all their data as per Australian privacy law.

Upon receiving confirmation that the final data extracts and document files have been successfully downloaded by your organisation or 30 days following the provision of these extracts, SupportAbility will securely destroy all copies of the data associated with this installation and will have no further responsibilities for its storage. 

When a provider is transitioning to a stasis subscription, this only applies to the provided data extracts and not installation data. 

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Reinstating a SupportAbility Subscription

Once a provider has terminated, meaning their installation has been taken permanently offline, data extracts have been provided and the provider has confirmed they have successfully downloaded the data extracts, all data pertaining to this installation is permanently destroyed.

Therefore, it is not possible for a provider to reinstate and utilise their old installation/data, or upload the data extract files or any other files to SupportAbility for this purpose.  Thereby all required data would need to be re-entered manually.

Additionally, as with most cloud-based software, it is not possible to resurrect a terminated installation.

Should an organisation terminate its subscription and then take up another SupportAbility subscription at a later date, a new installation would need to be created and a set-up fee of $2,500.00 + GST would apply.  This fee would be added to the first annual subscription invoice.

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