Why aren't all NDIS Support Items available in SupportAbility?

NDIS Price Guide

According to the NDIA, the NDIA Price Guide is not a comprehensive list of all available supports, nor does it prescribe the only supports funded by the NDIS. Although they are not listed in the published NDIS Price Guide/s, each Support Category has many specific supports and services that are recognised in the NDIS payment system. These are referred to as ‘line items’. 

A comprehensive listing of Support Items is kept up to date as a separate Support Catalogue (CSV format) on the NDIS website.

The NDIA has advised that this file includes item descriptors to assist providers to claim payments using a 'best-fit' approach, and to assist participants in engaging and negotiating with disability support workers and service providers. 

'Providers should claim payments against a support line item that aligns to the service they have delivered' (p.8 2020/21 NDIS Price Guide).

Support Items available in SupportAbility

SupportAbility utilises and relies on, the Support Catalogue CSV format list of Support Items published by the NDIA on their website. 

Whilst the NDIA has advised they endeavour to keep this updated regularly, the Support Catalogue may not include each and every Support Item used by the Agency and available in the myplace provider portal. 

Can Support Items 'missing' from the NDIS Price Guide CSV be added into SupportAbility?

Where a Support Item is missing in SupportAbility, it is missing from the NDIS Support Catalogue so, unfortunately, the simple answer here is no. It is not until the NDIA formally publish the Support Item in the Support Catalogue published on the Pricing Arrangements page on their website.

Therefore we recommend that your organisation informs the Agency that the line item is required to be added to the CSV to assist your organisation in managing NDIS funding. 

The only alternative is to find the closest matching Support Item to claim against.

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