Are the Remote or Very Remote Price Guides available in SupportAbility?

The Remote and Very Remote Price Guides are not available in SupportAbility. 

For providers of Direct Services, to accommodate for the higher prices, the only option available to do so is to add each Support Item to the Client's Funding record and add Custom Prices. Please see the Customising NDIS Support Items article for more information, linked below for reference. 

For providers of Plan Management Services, this should not impact Clients whom you are plan managing in relation to entering the External Invoices, as the rate is entered manually. This will work provided the Client's Funding has been set up at the Support Category level. 

We have a client who accesses services with us at remote or very remote rates some of the time, how can this be managed in SupportAbility?

In relation to how this can be set up, and subsequently invoiced, the only real option here, will be to create two Client Funding records. 

The primary Client Funding record should ideally reflect the Service Booking or the Schedule of Supports outlined in the Service Agreement in place, and the secondary Funding record solely used for the purpose of customising the NDIS Support Items required to the remote rate. 

We suggest to clearly identify the secondary Funding record by naming it accordingly, NDIS - Remote for example. Staff who will be Allocating NDIS Support Items in Activities will need to know that they must select this Funding record when services are delivered where this remote pricing is required. 

If this method is utilised, however, two Client Funding Statements will be required for the Client though, as this will effectively be two separate NDIS Funding records to report on. There really is no getting around this need to completely separate this at the funding level at present unfortunately as the same NDIS Support Item cannot be added twice to the Client Funding record currently. 

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